Cottage Fix summer bathroom doused in whites

Hola Cottage Fix friends! The first few times I shared our bathroom remodel with you I was always so careful to crop out the throne whenever possible. This made it especially challenging to photograph. But I just decided it’s a bathroom and it’s got a pot, wouldn’t be much of a bathroom without one! I’m sure you all assumed we put one in there. Grin. So today I’m sharing images of the kiddos summertime bathroom, and yes, it has a pot. Grin. The good news is, they are in charge of keeping their quarters clean over the summer, something I taught them last year.  I think this could be one of my greatest parenting successes thus far — my kiddos are the masters of squeaky clean! Cottage Fix blog - summer whites cottage bathroom

Cottage Fix blog - summer whites cottage bathroomI didn’t change much in here. Really only one thing, and that was out of necessity. The vibrant patterned bath mat that I was using in here started to turn the floor and grout blue underneath. After a tiny panic attack I managed to get it cleaned up. So I swapped out the offender for plain white. The kiddos really liked the color and pattern of the old one, but for now it’s fresh clean white.Cottage Fix blog - summer whites cottage bathroom

Cottage Fix blog - hydrangea and hypericumI added some fresh hydrangeas from the market keeping their dark green leaves, along with a few sprigs of hypericum. The little kiddo dears are so very busy with schoolwork this time of year, and a flower treat always helps.Cottage Fix blog - summer whites cottage bathroomWe finally are enjoying some long stretches of sunshine here after all that rain. I worked out in the garden today, and I noticed with all the showers and clouds our hydrangeas are looking better than they have in years. Bunches of blooms are coming my way. Oh my! So maybe it was worth a handful or two of dreary days. But I don’t know, I hate long stretches of rain and gloom almost as much as I love hydrangea blooms. Hmm…

Cottage Fix blog - summer whites cottage bathroomHave a lovely weekend.

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - summer whites cottage bathroom



4 thoughts on “Cottage Fix summer bathroom doused in whites

  1. Kelly

    that bathroom is so charming. I love the radiator in there. it just shows that it’s authentically old. The ruffled shower curtain is the perfect feminine touch.

  2. Victoria

    Your bathroom is lovely Sally and yes, I think it’s always assumed there’s a pot in there:) Actually tho, when I was little in England the toilet was in its own little separate room from the tub and sink. We only had the one bathroom and it was upstairs…how did we survive LOL. But yours looks perfect, nice and simple and uncluttered! I love the little piece you have hanging on the window, looks so prtty!

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