daffodils blooming…classic spring cottage

Salutations cottage fix friends. I’m just taking things easy the last few days. Oh yes, lots of rest and relaxation along with the regular daily chores of one domestic goddess. We’re not starting any new projects or makeovers until our bathroom remodel is 100% complete. And since at the moment we’re on hiadis from all that, lots of long walks with Paisley, watching my daughters games with the sunshine on my face, sinking into the sofa in the evenings, and eating cake. Not to worry, I’m back to salads and veggies so there’s a bit of room for cake without the threat of a thunder thigh invasion.  And of coarse one of my favorite relaxation activities is a bit of sprucing up for spring. Cottage Fix - denim pillows and daffodils... spring decorI simply adore the classic color combination of blue and yellow, and really most color combinations when one of the colors is blue. I stole these denim shams from the guest room. Denim just says easy going springtime to me, it’s a casual, comfortable look.
Cottage Fix - blue BROMO bottle and daffodilsThe daffodils are blooming and I’m filling the cottage with their delicate yellow petals. This old shabby cottage is getting a dose of classic cottage style and looking so bright with all of the cheerful yellow.Cottage Fix - blue bottle, yellow blooms, and farm benchI hung my blue BROMO bottle filled with pale yellow blooms on a window to liven up the sun porch. I did this last spring too, I guess it could be turning into some sort of odd tradition. Every spring the silly lady in the white painted cottage hangs a blue bottle in her sun porch and fills it with daffodils from her garden. Grin.

Cottage Fix - daffodils on a row of hooksAnd in the front entry I added a mason jar filled with more sunshiney daffodils along with a few soft fabrics from here and there. 
Cottage Fix - blue denim pillows, white sofa, and daffodilsIn the living room the daffodils are looking sweet two ways; in a silver tea pot and lined up in recycled canning jars. I’m really enjoying the contrast in here. Oh sunny days!

Cottage Fix - daffodils in a silver teapot

xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “daffodils blooming…classic spring cottage

  1. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your springy cottage is so delightful, Sally! I adore the blue and yellow combination…and love the hanging bottles with flowers…I used that idea on my study ladder, but just may have to add some to the windows too.
    Mary Alice

  2. Doré @ BurlapLuxe

    Sally, it truly is a cottage dream home here, I wrote on an older post leaving you a message with the tulips and your beautiful relaxed living in cottahe style. I could so move into your home and love every inch of it.
    Yes the blue denim so feels like spring for many different reasons that some may think of flower prints, the denim has this range of blue sky’s and so relaxed with comfort.
    I love that I got to see a glimps of my favorite flooring style…. Your Brick work here.
    Keep styling and posting your creative cottage beauty.

    See you soon.

  3. Lisa


    Your cottage is looking lovely for spring! The cobalt blue bottle you hung in the window is beautiful as are your daffodils. I like the many ways you displayed them throughout the house.

    Have a happy weekend!


  4. Vickie

    It really is spring where you live! Your daffodils look lovely in their simple glass jars and silver teapot. And the views to your back yard with leaves on your trees makes me long for spring…..soon! Yellow and blue has always been a favorite color combination of mine, too. And I hear ya on not starting any new projects until the ongoing projects are complete. It may never happen here. :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Kathy

    The fresh daffodils add a beautiful pop of color. I an so copying the blue bottle with flowers hanging in the window. I can not sit anything on our window sills because our cat sits in the widow sills. But he would not bother the flower hanging from one of the openers.
    Beautiful pictures, Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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