blooming branches

Hola! Paisely and I are just back from the trail, we took a nice long hike in the chilly air with the sun shining down on us. I have to say our spring weather is a bit puzzling this year. As I look out from indoors, it definitely looks like spring.  The birds are fluttering about in the birdbath and the trees are beginning to bud — some are even blooming. But, on our walk this morning I wore a toboggan and gloves and despite the beaming sun, the air was crisp and cool. Make that cold! They say we’re going to be treated to a warm up later on today. Yay!

Cottage Fix - blooming branches

We all had such a nice relaxing weekend, lots of sleeping in and loungy late dinners. We went to my daughter’s game and watched a movie in the middle of the day. A midday movie has been somewhat unheard of the past few months.

Cottage Fix - guest room with soft color and blooming branches

It’s so nice that the days are getting longer and the seasons are starting to change. It does seem to be happening slower than usual though. These white blooms are the first of the flowering trees to come to life in our back garden.

Cottage Fix - blooming branches

I clipped a couple of branches to bring into the guest room. All the colors are soft in here right now. I thought the brown and white looked pretty with all the soft color.

Cottage Fix - guest room with a pile of pillows and blooming branches

Despite the abundance of sunshine, I can only count a couple of warm days so far this spring. So the garden is looking a bit neglected. I have this talent of seeing through all of the weeds and overgrowth and just focusing on the pretty flowers and birds. It’s coming in quite handy right now.

Cottage Fix - blooming branches

I’m off to crank up the heat and start a pot of chili. I guess that’s one positive to a chilly spring, a longer hearty supper season. Grin.

Cottage Fix - guest room with soft color, a pile of pillows, and blooming branches

xoxo Sally

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8 thoughts on “blooming branches

  1. Kathy

    Finally we had a 68 degree day! And again today, 68! With green popping up. Oh wll, I really am not looking forward to mowing. Lol ;} Have a great day!

  2. Robin

    It’s starting to warm up around here too and taking walks is my favorite thing to do with my furry sweetheart Shelby. The branches you cut for your room are so pretty and add such a nice touch to the room. One of these day’s I’ve got to get myself to plant something that will bud in yearly spring – – I tell myself this every year – LOL.

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    I’m a bit envious that you are already seeing blooms in your garden. Nothing here a bit farther north! Your guest room definitely has a comfy, very pretty, and inviting look!
    Mary Alice

  4. Julie

    The branches are a hopeful sign of spring, Sally! I am obsessed with branches in vases lately. I have been buying realistic-looking faux, but if I had anything real here I’d sure use that. Yours are so pretty!

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