purple tulips & a Spring mantel

I’ve been adding in a touch of Spring even though Spring isn’t quite here.  If you can buy a bikini at Target in early March, I think its okay for me to have purple tulips on the mantle.

Spring mantle

I’ve already started my major Spring clean out.  It feels so good to get rid of all the stuff I’ve been hanging on to but haven’t used in years.  The mantle looked a little plain after the big clear out so I decided to group the cream colored pitchers together.  They were all scattered around the house here and there.

purple tulips on the mantle

This is my honey’s most favorite chair — he stole it from my parent’s when we were first married.  All the men that come over seem to love this chair, I guess it’s manly.  I tried to foof it up a bit for Spring with this crochet throw from Pottery Barn, a birthday gift from my mom.

crochet throw

The purple tulips and the crochet are adding just a smidge of Springtime in the living room until we get to enjoy the real thing!  I love splurging on tulips because they always last a long time.  Last time I bought flowers I chose spray roses and they started dieing on the drive home!

Spring living room

You can see a glimpse of the office through the french door beside the mantle.  It is on my list of rooms to paint, just have to get myself motivated!

purple tulips in the living room


2 thoughts on “purple tulips & a Spring mantel

  1. Courtney P

    Beautiful! We have some fresh flowers in our main room too and it really brightens thighs up, even when it’s 25 degrees outside!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks! Fresh flowers really help since I’ve been snowed in with the fam for two full days! Lol

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