chippy clay pots in the dining room

Bringing the outdoors in…  I brought in these chippy clay pots from the back garden after I finished painting and distressing the dining table.  I think they are going to be so fun to have in the dining room, with these violas, maybe paper whites at Christmastime, or cut flowers when the garden starts to bloom.  These violas will love it inside until it warms up some outdoors. Until then, the dining room is smelling delicious.  Violas can thrive in the cooler weather, but not the snow!

chippy clay pots in the dining room

I love the look of rooms that bring the outdoors in.  The April edition of Country Living is filled with bright blooms and color — gasp! Can you imagine having enough cutting flowers in the garden for a flower stand?

cottage dining room with chippy clay pots

I have been cleaning like crazy in anticipation of bringing home our sweet little puppy this weekend.  I’m not really sure why I feel the need to have a squeaky clean cottage to bring home a stinky puppy, but never the less, the house’ll be clean!

chippy clay pots with purple violas

We have been brain storming for the perfect puppy name; and of course we each have our own favorite.  The chalkboard has been filled with cute puppy names, and we have been trying to whittle down the list.  New names seem to pop up almost daily though.  As I’ve been working on this blog post, I was just thinking “Viola” is kinda cute!

cottage dining room with purple violas

We are all so excited we absolutely can’t stand it!  It’s also a little bittersweet as we have been thinking a lot about Derby.  After we return from our road trip to pick up our new puppy (and if she’ll cooperate), I will share some Puppy Power pictures.

chippy clay pot and violas on buffet