silvery blues and more cottage color

Hello there ladies of blogland and fine people of the world wide web. Long time no see! Things are finally getting back to normal here and I have a thousand projects to get finished before Thanksgiving. Yes, me having a thousand projects on my mind is normal around here. I made Thanksgiving my deadline because I like to make our household extra chaotic, and so come December the kiddos and I can decorate for Christmas in a project free cottage – free from paint swatches and rollers and magazine snippings scattered about.

Cottage Fix - kitchen with new silvery blue wall paint

While I’ve been home with my daughter for the past couple of weeks staring at our interior day after day, the things that have been bugging me here at this little 1930s hodge podge cottage started to bug me just a little more. I think that happens when you’re stuck indoors focusing on those things that haven’t been making your heart sing day after day, all day long. Ya know! Cottage Fix - wicker settee with soft blue pillows and throwThe next thing I knew I had come up with a game plan to tackle this little cottage in a way that is ridiculously overambitious, and it’s going to take some serious commitment and a lot of me mumbling under my breath, “you can do it!” I’ve started in the kitchen with a coat of light silvery-blue paint on the walls to compliment the taupe cabinets–the entire kitchen was taupe before. I happen to love taupe, but our kitchen doesn’t get a ton of natural light so I wanted to lighten it up and add some contrast. I’m thinking of swapping out the cabinet doors under the sink with a little curtain. But right now I really can’t add anything to my to do list.

Cottage Fix - silvery blue and taupe kithenNo matter where I chuck these blue pillows and throw, I always end up loving how they look so I’m adding in more of this color throughout the cottage along with other colors that look good with this soft blue.

Cottage Fix - sun porch with soft blue pillows and throwI’ve already finished up a few more projects and I have a few ready to go. At the moment I’m taking Miss Paisley out for a walk in the bitter cold morning air. Nothing Like a blast of cold fresh air and numb fingertips to get the creative juices going! Catch you later alligator!

Cottage Fix - sun porch with Miss Paisley hoping to go on a walk

xoxo Sally

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8 thoughts on “silvery blues and more cottage color

  1. Isabella

    Your kitchen is lovely! I really like all the sunlight that seems to stream into your home. Good luck with all your projects!

  2. Vanessa Bower

    Beautiful color on your kitchen walls. I painted our kitchen “sea glass” in early October when it was still somewhat warm and it took me two weeks !!! What is your secret to completing projects so quickly ???? Please share.

    I’m so in love with your sunporch. To be able to sit there wrapped up in a cozy throw, reading a good book or magazine, drinking hot cocoa, while it snows, would be heaven to me. ( I think I now know why my projects take so long.) It looks like Miss Paisley enjoys the sunporch too.

    Please continue to show us more of your sweet cottage. I for one can never get enough.
    Stay warm

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    It’s always so fun to be invited into your charming cottage, Sally. Love the color you painted your walls in the kitchen…it’s just the right contrast with your cabinets…such a pretty soft blue. I never tire of seeing your pretty blue pillows and throw against your whites.
    Mary Alice

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