foofing for fall with a natural bouquet

Salutations! I’m in the midst of some serious cabin fever here at Cottage Fix with the little lady still home recovering for another whole week!  Thank you all for the well wishes that were sent to her last week. So to keep myself occupied, and to prevent myself from going completely stir crazy, I’m diving into a day of foofing for fall with a natural bouquet of camellia, roses, and a few yellow maple leaves. Look at them glow!

Cottage Fix - yellow maple leavesThe fall colors are coming to life and this yellow maple is irresistible! We’ve been watching it slowly change for the past couple of weeks. I collected a few to mix in with the pink blooms to create a cheery pink and yellow combination and livin’ up the cottage for fall.

Cottage Fix - fall bouquet in the living roomThe colors are warm and fun to go with the fabulous November weather we’ve had so far this year. It’s been kinda incredible here on the East Coast, sunny and mild. Al Roker has been forecasting about the polar vortex that is scheduled to blow in by tonight, say it ain’t so Al!

Cottage Fix - living room with a bit of fall colorThe leaves are looking amazing already though, yellows and reds all over town! This is the maple tree in our back garden that is looking like sunshine in the sky.

Cottage Fix - yellow maple treexoxo Sally

Cottage Fix - sofa with polka dot throw


9 thoughts on “foofing for fall with a natural bouquet

  1. Brittany

    I really love fall and the beautiful changing of the seasons as the leaves become like flowers in all their colorful glory. Your bouquet is lovely.

  2. Vanessa Bower

    Cherish the those beautiful golden leaves, pretty roses and sunny skies because the COLD weather is coming your way !! I’d give anything to have that sweet grey polka dot throw to snuggle up in at this very moment. There’s talk of snow this weekend here in Kansas City. (Yuck !) Another thing for you to look forward to (double yuck !!)
    I’m off to start a pot of that wonderful chilli you shared with us last week. I’m confident it will warm the tummies of my family.
    As usual, I enjoy getting to peek into you cozy cottage and glean ideas from you.
    Stay warm,

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Vanessa! I’m dreading the super cold air that’s heading our way! I think I’ll be making a big pot of that chili this weekend too! You know, my mom picked up that polka dot throw at Roses a few years ago at the end of season sale. She got three different colors and I chose the gray. I wanna say they were about $3 dollars each – crazy cheap! Have a great weekend!

  3. kelly

    I agree that it has been so pretty here in the East. But, yes it is all going to change soon! I just told my husband to go get some firewood since I think we will be needing it. LOL! The golden leaves look beautiful outside your window.

  4. Lin

    Hi Sally,
    Very pretty combination! Yesterday we had -8 degree temps, so it’s looking a lot more like winter here. So enjoy all the pretty colors as long as you can!

  5. Kathy

    We had beautiful snow this weekend. And….I’m done! Lol Did not get my rose covered or summer furniture on the front porch put away. Ugh.
    Hope your daughter is better.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.


  6. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

    Lovely there! It’s all done here ( southwestern PA ) and that cold spell is headed our way too.Meaning rather than waking to 29 or 30 degrees they say 13 or 14 degrees. Hey that’s just WRONG, lol…that’s January weather! 🙂

    Hope your daughter is doing well.

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