Happy Birthday Miss Paisley

Hola Cottage Fix friends! Paisley the miniature schnauzer just turned two on December 13. Happy birthday sweet girl! All she got on her birthday were some extra table scraps so I wanted to do a little something more. I guess traipsing one decked out puppy around the ole cottage and setting her up for pictures is mostly for me though. She is usually such a great sport, but a little on the hard side to photograph today. Yesterday she went for a long walk and then to the beauty parlor so all she wants to do is lay around. And since I caught a cold from my honey, it’s okay by me. (Yes, my Christmas cold came early this year!)Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley the miniature schnauzer Here she is in her favorite pose, melting into the sofa stretched out as long as possible.Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley the miniature schnauzer And here’s Miss Paisley when we first brought her home. She’s warmed up to photo-shoots since then. Really what choice does the poor thing have? Grin.Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley the miniature schnauzer I found the exact same sweater from when she was a puppy in a larger size. Oh the little things…Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley the miniature schnauzer xoxo Sally
Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley the miniature schnauzer


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Miss Paisley

  1. kelly

    Miss Paisley is so CUTE! I love her purple sweater and Christmas necklace. Ha! I didn’t realize how young she was. My dog is getting old. He recently turned 11! His eye sight and hearing are starting to fade but the rest of him is as perky as he ever was. Happy Birthday to sweet Paisley!!!

  2. Victoria

    Awwww, Happy Birthday Miss Paisley! She’s adorable! I cannot wait to get a dog, we’re holding out until we own our own place but it’ll be one of the first things I do. Since my kids are all grown and my husband works all day, it’ll be really nice to have a little furry companion to keep me company:)

    So sorry to hear you’ve got a cold but, like you said, better to get it over with now before the big day. When my oldest son was almost 2 and I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd, we passed stomach flu back and forth to each other for two weeks before Christmas. I was so happy we were over it by Christmas but then, Christmas day he vomited all over the kitchen floor…so we spent most of the day on the sofa under blankets!

    I put a new blog post up so hope you’ll stop by when you have time:) Merry Christmas!

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