puppy love

She’s here!  The sweetest, dreamiest little bundle of fluff, and she is so charming. I hope she doesn’t mind being photographed because there’s no getting out of it around here.  Meet Paisley, our 12 week old salt and pepper miniature schnauzer. She has made our home feel lighter in a way. She is soft, gentle, and sweet!

Paisley resting on the sofa

Her hobbies include: snuggling, sofa warming, playing, learning to walk on a lead, and posing for photo shoots. Is she not the most perfect sofa accessory? She loves to be loved. And she is just a wee tiny tad bit spoiled rotten.

Paisley, our miniature schnauzer

All of my big projects are on hold for now while Paisley warms up to her new home — there are chairs that need slipcovers and rooms to be painted. I’ll be dreaming of linen and chenille fabrics and soft paint colors until I can get started.  I have to say for a puppy, Miss Paisley is extremely easy; however, she still requires a lot time and care. It’s the fun kind though!

Our miniature sofa accessory


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  1. Courtney Petley

    She is so cute!!!! I can’t wait to give her some kisses! And Spencer is looking forward to meeting her too!

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