gold above the mantel and our new friend Scout!

Salutations from the spring-y coast of ol’ VA! It’s looking like we’re getting treated to an early spring here in the land of shabby cottage treasures and charming cheeky puppies! The air is warm by late morning and the color is blooming all over town. Give me spring, lots of spring… in late February! Grin.

fresh cut grass

juicy strawberries

birds singing their song

pink trees

waking with the sun

Cottage Fix blog - gold mirror above the mantle

Cottage Fix blog - camellias I’m always changing things around with the seasons, and sometimes just for the sake of change. It helps keep things looking fresh. I went just a tad overboard with blue, blue everywhere on everything, so I’ve been changing up some of my blue to add more interest and contrast. I painted this vintage mirror with two coats of Martha Stewart metallic acrylic paint in brushed bronze (it looks more gold to me). I hand brushed it with the tiniest of brushes and then touched it up a bit. The brilliant gold color really warms up our living room and makes it feel all cozy. And maybe a wee bit fancy.

Cottage Fix blog - gold mirror, white painted brick, and French-y chairAnd now let me introduce you to the sweetest of sweet miniature schnauzer puppies! Meet Scout! She’s my parents’ new baby girl puppy, and Paisley’s best little buddy. So far their favorite games to play together are hide and seek and run super fast around the tree. Just look at that sweet little teddy bear girl. She’ll melt your heart.

Cottage Fix blog - Scout- puppy miniature schnauzer

Cottage Fix blog - gold mirror and white orchid

Honey surprised me with this orchid for Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it pretty! And I love the way it looks with the new gold color on the mirror. My mom has a pink orchid that she’s kept alive for years now. She puts two to three ice cubes in it once a week so that’s my plan too. I think the hard part is to remember to add the ice even after the blooms have faded. And the camellia blooms are from our back garden. I just can’t resist the urge to pluck and snip away out there. We’ve got daffodils popping up too. Yay!

Cottage Fix blog - cottage living room with gold painted mirrorxoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “gold above the mantel and our new friend Scout!

  1. Julie

    Well, I do love the new gold color on your mirror, Sally. But I’m afraid that the puppy is taking center stage here, haha. What an adorable little ball of fur! Hopefully Paisley will be able to keep up with all of that boundless energy! Have fun!

  2. Victoria

    Your mirror is gorgeous! Looks so lovely over your fireplace:) It’s such a pretty gold, not gaudy or loud…you did good! Ha, I hear ya on the blue! Blue blue everywhere over here!!! But at least things like that are easy to switch out when you’re in the mood for something else. Wow, I’ve never heard that about putting ice in Orchids…I would try it but mine’s a hanging one. It’s doing well, so far so good (knock on wood!).

    How sweet little Scout is! And so nice that Paisley has a little buddy to play with:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend Sally, enjoy that beautiful cottage of yours!

  3. Vickie

    OMG! That little puppy looks like a vintage stuffed animal in the last photo! I just want to pick him up and hug him!

    Your mantel looks so light and airy and ready for spring, Sally. Amazing what a little gold paint can do!

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