cottage fix Friday flowers

Hola Cottage Fix crew! I’m blogging in today under glorious sun filled skies and bright crisp air. The traditional yo yo temperatures we’re accustomed to here near the coast of Virginia are in full swing. Our weather people must stay on their toes that’s for sure. I even heard a mention of flurries in the forecast for later tonight—it was almost 80 degrees this past Wedneday. Oh yes, the floppin hoppers and toboggan worn all in the same week, a little something for everyone.Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers

Our garden is starting to spring back to life after a short winter lull. The camellias are especially pretty right now, the red and white are in full bloom. And there’s also a pretty white blooming fragrant tree just going to town. I mustered up a fanciful bouquet with the back garden blooms, and then I added a couple sprigs of leftover green hydrangea blooms from a bouquet I picked up at Trader Joes last week. I also tucked in a branch from that beautiful white blooming tree I was telling you about. It’s a type of magnolia that blooms in early spring and it smells so good. We’re in zone seven and it seems things are off to a head start this year.

Cottage Fix blog - camellias in bloom Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers
Well they’re calling for a cool sun-filled weekend and I’m thinking we’re going to finish up some yard work. I attempted working on a few outside projects earlier this week and came across a huge snake hiding under the azaleas. So that was the end of that! I know snakes live in our yard, we have lots of good hiding situations going on out there. But just don’t let me see them please!

Cottage Fix blog - red camellia bloom

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowersHave a wonderful weekend!

xoxo Sally


4 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday flowers

  1. Kelly

    Your camelia’s are beautiful! We have had the same strange weather you’ve had. It was hot last Wednesday. I wore a summer shirt and needed the A/C on. Then a storm rolled in and we woke up to very cold temps and cold wind! Now, we’re back to wearing coats and using our heat. I think everyone has had a strange winter this year.

  2. Julie

    Gorgeous flowers, Sally. We definitely do not have anything in our Nebraska gardens yet, but we’ve had some unseasonably warm days here, too. It’s been a real roller coaster!

  3. Vickie

    Oh, my! I can’t believe you’ve already cut fresh flowers from your gardens! That little pop of red is a sweet accent to your soft interior colors. Our weather has been crazy, too. It was -7 yesterday morning and by Sunday it’s supposed to hit 50. I hope it lasts because we’ll have two of our grands spending next week with us and it’s so much more fun if we can play outdoors. Enjoy your gardening and beware of snakes!

  4. Mary Alice Patterson

    How wonderful to be able to cut flowers from your garden already. Love all the photos with the sunshine streaming through the windows. It has been a very unusual winter…if you want to call it winter.
    Mary Alice

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