the fate of a blue and white tureen

A couple of weeks ago I heard a crash come from our living room, which isn’t necessarily an unfamiliar sound in our house.  Things break and I sweep them up and move on without making to big of a fuss.  Well, I turned the corner into the living room to ask “What broke?” and saw the lid to my treasured blue and white tureen in pieces. It looked ever so sad scattered about the hardwood floor.

Cottage Fix - blue and white tureen with pink roses and mint

I won’t go pointing any fingers since this mishap involved some fun fetch with Paisley — I’m a softy when it comes to Miss Paisley.  Fetch is one of her all time favorite playtime activities so I’m always glad when she cons someone into throwing the rope around the living room for her to chase like a wild one.  Of course it’s better when pretty little blue and white china lids don’t end up broken all over the floor. But, all is forgiven!

Cottage Fix - blue and white tureen in the living room

So I looked around a bit on etsy for a replacement with no luck.  I almost threw out the entire tureen, but it’s one of my favorites and it brings back memories of a great day last winter! So I stuffed it into the china hutch and decided to use it as a vase for short nubby flowers from the garden.  There’s really not much blooming out there right now, but I did manage to find a few bright pink blooms and a few sprigs of mint.

Cottage Fix - blue and white tureen and shabby accessories

I’ll keep on the look out for another blue and white tureen, but I like to find a good deal ya know!

Cottage Fix - blue and white tureen with rose and books

xoxo Sally

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5 thoughts on “the fate of a blue and white tureen

  1. Cindy

    Your tureen looks so lovely with your pink roses. I’m so glad you didn’t throw her away, but found a new use for her instead. She looks like such a sweetie.

  2. Gentle Joy

    Good for you to adjust to the loss and forgive!!! Precious. The tureen looks so nice the way you are using it also… glad you could still use it… it would have been harder to use only the lid if the bowl had broken. 🙂 Still it is sad to lose something like that… I hope you can really enjoy its present use. 🙂

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