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Hola Cottage Fix friends! I’ve been super busy this week with lots of little projects and clearing out extra furniture and clutter. I was ever so gently informed at the supper table last week that we have too many, too much furniture. Apparently, there has been some toe stubbing happening as the family has not yet learned the places in this ol’ cottage that require the side step shuffle. That is one hazard of shopping thrift and bringing home road kill, sometimes you come home with things you’re not quite sure about and they end up in your life way too long. Cottage Fix blog - blue floral vintage drapesThese vintage blue floral beauties are my latest thrift store find. Something really weird happened the day these lover-lies were summoned to me. It was just before Christmas and I went out on the hunt for silver candlesticks, the kind I see just about every time I head out to the thrift shops. I also had 84 inch blue floral drapes on my radar, I was dreaming of them to hang on our sun porch. I was hoping for something sort of shabby chic/country-ish cottage. What were the chances?

Cottage Fix blog - blue floral vintage drapesI marched into the first shop on my list and headed to the candlestick section— nothing! What? Nothing? I see them all the time here. Already feeling a bit defeated, I meandered around checking out tablecloths and linens like I always do. And then I glanced across to the next isle over—the florescent lights streamed down brightly as the shoppers parted ways to this glorious blue floral fabric—just exactly what I was looking for! Aaaaaa! How can this be! I looked them over and they seemed in good shape, but I could tell they were old from their sun bleached lining. Originally from JC Penny and now heading home to my shabby cottage to brighten up my sun porch.
Cottage Fix blog - blue floral vintage drapes

Cottage Fix blog - blue floral drapes and bottlesI tried them several times on the sun porch with no luck. Go figure. They just weren’t doing it for me. But then I thought maybe here in the stairwell. Yes! They add a nice bit of color and whimsy to the stairwell I think. I’m not sure if it bothers me or not that they don’t hit the floor. I actually think I kinda like them like that.

And BTW, still no candlesticks.
Cottage Fix blog - blue floral drapesxoxo Sally


6 thoughts on “vintage floral drapes

  1. Victoria

    You know how much I LOVE these curtains Sally and they were meant to be in your cottage!!! Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world when you’re thrifting and something appears like that:) The best! I love where you have them, it’s the perfect spot:)

    I have lace over my downstairs sliding doors but you inspired me to put some curtains up. I know there’s zero odds I’ll come across these curtains that you found but I did find some RA British Blue Roses panels on Ebay so I ordered those and am going to put them up in the kitchen:) Can’t wait! Have a lovely weekend!!!

    1. sally Post author

      Oh, I love RA British Rose, a favorite for sure!! They’ll fit right in with your sweet shabby home! xo

  2. JoAnne

    Very pretty curtains, Sally. Many times I have brought something home meant for one place and it ended up somewhere else. I call that accidental decorating! : )

  3. Vickie

    You do shabby chic better than anybody, Sally! Now you’ve got a little touch of spring in your home to tide you over until spring arrives.

  4. Julie

    Those curtains have such a pretty pattern and the colors are so nice. They do look great in that spot. I also manage to come home with lots of odds and ends when thrifting and often not what I set out for. But that’s part of the fun, right?

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