fresh greenery and glitz Christmas centerpiece

Hola Cottage Fix friends! Christmas is brightening up our dining room with fresh greenery from the garden and glitzy vintage baubles from the attic. All my treasures from the attic are slowly finding homes throughout our cottage. And even though I told myself I wasn’t doing any fresh greenery this year other than the tree, the more I add the happier it makes me. I always worry about it drying out and dying; but I just love fresh greenery. So if it drys out and droops, I’ll change it up then. Bring on the fresh greenery!

Cottage Fix - Christmas centerpiece of fresh greenery and vintage baublesI cut branches from the Eastern hemlock in our back garden and put them in a big glass hurricane filled with water. I usually don’t trim the hemlock since it’s a slow grower and doesn’t need much pruning. This season there happens to be a huge section towards the bottom that has gotten very thick so I went for it.

Cottage Fix - fresh greenery and vintage baublesI was planning on a red and blue color scheme for the dining room. But when I went to collect the ornaments there was only one glitzy vintage bauble in red. Really! I have six boxes of Christmas lights and chachkies and only one little red vintage bauble. So instead I went with multicolored and it’s just fine.

Cottage Fix - dining room with fresh greenery and glitz at ChristmastimeI have been humming and singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” so I went ahead and wrote it on the chalkboard. It’s one of my favorite Christmas tunes so I hum it while I’m working and it makes me feel festive and relaxed. It’s time to get the Christmas tunes playing at dinner time; I’m really diggin’ the She & Him Christmas album we got last year. I’m looking forward to dinner tonight with a bottle of Pinot and a little Zooey Deschanel playing in the background.

Cottage Fix - dining room  with vintage baublesxoxo Sally

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14 thoughts on “fresh greenery and glitz Christmas centerpiece

  1. Vanessa Bower

    Perfection !!!!!
    I love the colorful vintage ornaments on your beautiful dining room table. Are those vintage silver ornaments I see hanging from your chandelier ? Now I’m curious to see what you did.
    BTW I play Christmas music while decorating and baking cookies. It puts me in the festive spirt.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Vanessa! The ornaments hanging from the chandelier are from Target a few years back. I love the after Christmas sales!

  2. Robin

    Fresh greenery is always a delight. I like how you’ve used it just a little with your vintage ornaments. It’s such a wonderful look.

  3. Julie

    I just love what you’ve done, Sally! The greenery and ornaments are so pretty, and I like the different colors of vintage baubles. Your contagion of holiday cheer is making me happy 🙂

  4. June

    I LOVE it Sally! I do that too with the pines in my garden. But it’s time to put a stop to it for me, because they are starting to look like palm trees. :)))) I love your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your house is decorated so beautifully.

  5. MaryJo Materazo

    love, love, love your centerpiece. the different colored ornaments & greenery is the perfect compliment to such a serene space. simply lovely. enjoy the season- MJ (found u thru feathered nest friday)

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