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Happy Friday!! Cottage Fix blog - pink and fuchsia carnationsI’m blogging in today with Friday’s flowers, I brought home bright fuchsia and pale pink carnations to add to my farmhouse bench in the living room. Things are lookin’ up! Cottage Fix blog - pink and fuchsia carnations It’s been quite a week here in this silly little cottage with the silly little family, that’s for sure. After last weeks super busy weekend and all the excitement going on this week, we are so ready for a nice relaxing couple of days.

Well I’m off to the gym and then to the market to stock up on some fun weekend type tasty ingredients. I’m making a yummy appetizer tomorrow that’s a copy cat from a neighborhood restaurant down the street. If it turns out well I’ll share it with you.
Cottage Fix blog - pink and fuchsia carnationsThanks for visiting!

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday Flower Power

  1. Victoria

    Your flowers are beautiful, they brighten up the room so much! I see some rays of sunshine coming through too, so pretty:)

    I’m trying to decide what to do for dinner also, such a dilemma. Last Friday I did what my husband calls “girl food” and put out pate, Brie, French bread, Crackers and English cheddar. It totally filled me up but Kyran ended up ordering himself a pizza at 11p.m. so it wasn’t quite as satisfying for him!

    Hope your appetizer is delicious, which I’m sure it will be, and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Julie

    I love the fresh flowers you keep adding, Sally. I have been cutting hydrangeas, zinnias, and Autumn Joy Sedum like a crazy woman before everything freezes. Fresh flowers really do cheer up the house! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  3. kelly

    You have been so fortunate lately to find such pretty flowers for your house! Hope your dinner turns out as well as expected.

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