we went down hard

Well Cottage Fix friends, my daughter and I went down and we went down hard. I thought it might be the stress and business of the season, but really I knew it was just a bad case of a winter illness! We both got a big ole dose of that nasty flu bug that is hitting our country hard this season. This will be my second Christmas in a row stuck on the sofa missing out on some of the festivities. Yes guys, I have seen every Christmas movie you can think of this past week, some of them twice. I’m sure you’re all tearing up by now, I know, poor me. I kinda feel like the universe is trying to tell me something, two Christmases in a row spent on the sofa with cough drops and Kleenex. I just wish I could figure out what!

Cottage Fix - shabby chis pillows

I’m still not feeling so great and my daughter still has a bad cough and sick eyes. There’s nothing worse than when one of your little guys has sick eyes, especially at Christmastime. I’ve made it around the block a couple of times now for a walk with Paisley—I think she was starting to worry. I usually take her on a nice long walk each and everyday and to the trail with my mom a few times a week. We both are addicted to our morning walks, rain or shine!

Cottage Fix - fresh garden pine and ribbon

So while I was out on my trot around the block, it got me thinking about my hopes for the New Year. The first one is quite simply to be well enough to make it to the trail for a nice long hike on New Years Day with the family. And the second wish is one that has been on my mind often. I’d like our family to have more fun together in and out of this little cottage. That shouldn’t be so hard. It’s been a rough year in some regards with surgeries and illness. I’d just like to have some good old fashioned fun without pulling anyone’s teeth out for participation. Any of you guys have teenagers?

Cottage Fix - shabby chic pillows and the tiny tree

We used to have “family fun days” which included things as simple as going for ice cream together, maybe catching a movie or a family hike—just spending time together doing things that aren’t projects or work. Somewhere along the way this hasn’t been made a priority this past year, and that my dear friends is about to change. It’s fun or bust!

Cottage Fix - fresh pine in a vintage Italian canning jar

Could that be what the universe has been trying to say? I’m sure it must be! Phew, glad that mystery is solved. We are definitely worker bees at this little cottage and need a good kick in the rumpkess to be reminded to play some too.

Cottage Fix - ribbon and Christmas

My honey got me a super cool Christmas gift this year, it’s a micro lens and I got the chance to play around with it some today. I’ve been wondering how to get that neato Christmas light affect I’ve been seeing around, ahem… love it! I went out to pick a few flowers to use as my test subjects and as you can see there are slim pickings out there right now.

Cottage Fix - jar of pine and Christmastime

It’s a really fun lens to play around with for up close photos to get a blur in the background too. How on earth did I not know about this before now. Good thing I have Mr. Cottage Fix to stay on top of all this tech type stuff. If not for him I’d still be fumbling around town with a flip phone after all.

Cottage Fix - pine and camellias from the garden

xoxo Sally


6 thoughts on “we went down hard

  1. Cindy

    So sorry to hear you were ill on Christmas. I have been sick 3 times during my lifetime on Christmas Day. Probably the only day of the year when we do repeat illness. Usually I would get sick after my sister and her family would fly in for the holidays. They took out half the family one year, one by one. Nothing like sharing germs. Two of my sisters were sick on Christmas Eve, so I feel lucky to have escaped so far. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope you New Year is full of fun family memories!

  2. Vickie

    This is the first holiday in 3 years that we’ve all been healthy in our extended family, so I feel your pain. I think the odds are in your favor that next year you’ll be in good health.

    Your photos are lovely. I’ve got that lens, too, and I love it! I wish I could use it for all my interior shots, but our house is rather small, so I’ve got to shoot what I can from the next closest room. Have fun playing with your new toy and I hope you feel well enough for your New Year’s hike!

  3. kelly

    Your pictures really do look beautiful. It’s amazing what a nice camera can do. I want a new camera so bad. My husband keeps teasing me that he will get me one. Hopefully, the teasing will stop and an actual camera will appear! Sorry to hear that you have the flu. That’s terrible right at Christmas time. I got the vaccine and so far it has protected me, but they say it isn’t guaranteed this year. So I just keep hoping it will keep me healthy. Hope you start feeling better in time for that New Year’s Day hike.

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