the Virginia coast

This past week was the kids’ spring break so I decided to drag the family to the Virginia coast for a little rest and relaxation getaway. We headed to First Landing State Park and rented a cozy cabin nestled in the woods. Considering this destination is less than an hour from our home, I’m not sure why we hadn’t taken advantage of it before now. But on the drive home we promised to head back over the summer on a day trip or two.

First Landing State Park in Virginia

The trails are enchanting, dripping with Spanish Moss. While the trails vary in difficulty, they are overall are fairly easy going for a casual hike.  We lucked out and had absolutely gorgeous hiking weather.

Spanish Moss

Here the Spanish Moss made a kind of magical tunnel.  I’m afraid I overestimated the kid’s hiking stamina and there was some complaining happening on our second hike that day, about the time we came upon this tunnel.  Just when you thought you couldn’t take another step a beautiful scene would appear around the next bend.

rainbow in the water

I wasn’t sure how well the colors would show up in this shot.  But do you see the rainbow in the water?  What a pretty surprise, I’ve never seen anything like it.

beach at First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park is only about ten minutes or so from the Virginia Beach Boardwalk on the oceanfront so we were able to enjoy the wonderful sea breeze. And wow, was it bluer than blue on the beach.  This is where the Chesapeake Bay feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. In the picture, you can see several ships lined up waiting to make there way to Norfolk to pick up loads of coal.

coal ships on the Chesapeake Bay

This is such a great getaway location if you can’t decide between the beach or a woods cabin — you really get the best of both here.  We came home exhausted from all of the hiking, but also feeling rested and relaxed from hanging out at the beach.  Nature is good for the soul.