cozy new French-ish chair

Good morning Cottage Fix friends! Another day, another Cottage Fix chair. It’s a French-ish sort of chair upholstered in a textured flax fabric and it makes me smile. Yes, it’s a real charmer that’s for sure. Funny enough, it’s the one and only piece of upholstered furniture in the house. That would be mostly because of the kiddos, Miss Paisley, and my love of a good Pinot Noir. I haven’t decided if it will be for sitting in or just for looking at. Grin. I chucked it in the corner of our office to cozy it up in here and add a bit of French flare. Mr. Macho helped me get it home in his truck from World Market this past weekend.

I had something else in mind for this corner of our office. My heart was set on slip-covering a vintage cutie I already have in a solid linen or stripe. And then I read something online about some of the old vintage chairs having muslin under their upholstery. So I began ripping and pulling only to find the most horrific seventies floral fabric imaginable. And then to top it off, dusty old fluff began to escape from somewhere deep inside of my vintage cutie. So I did what any lover of vintage furniture would do – I threw a little fit and then marched that disaster of a chair straight to the curb. And that’s how Miss French Flax landed a spot here at the cottage of old vintage things.
Cottage Fix blog - French-ish chair in the officeI also wanted to share my peach roses with you (again). They are opening up so nicely. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I’m adding more fresh flowers into my life. I found a couple of places around town where I can get away with bringing something pretty home for just a few bucks. They make such a huge difference, especially during these long spells of dreary weather. I’m on a bit of a rose kick right now. Cottage Fix blog - peach rosesSee you soon.

xoxo SallyCottage Fix blog - French-ish chair, denim floor pillows, and vintage accessories


9 thoughts on “cozy new French-ish chair

  1. Victoria

    Your new chair is perfect! And it fits so nicely in the corner. I love World Market, they always have the best stuff! I’m sorry about losing your other chair but, it happens sometimes:( I had one that I’d found on the curb and had to abandon fixing it up because it was literally falling apart, would’ve taken an expert to bring it back to life.

    Your roses are gorgeous! I’ve discovered a spot in the back of Publix that sells the older roses for really cheap so that’s my go to area for flowers:) Trader Joe’s always has pretty good flower prices too but I do have some paper roses around!

  2. Kelly

    I like your new chair! I know what you mean about not having any upholstered pieces in your house. Once you see what gets on your slipcovers it’s easy to not want to switch to upholstery. Your chair is pretty in your office though. You could tell your kids it’s for adults only. LOL!

  3. Dore

    What a beautiful addition to your room, so love the fabric with its grain sack look to it.

    The room is calling out to be noticed and I so love it.


  4. Nancy

    Very pretty chair. I like the fabric and the tufting. Fresh flowers in a home bring so much life to the rooms. I have arrangements from my garden everywhere. When the frost kills them I’ll still have flowers via geraniums and other plants that will bloom indoors. Your roses are gorgeous.

  5. Julie

    Really cute chair, Sally 🙂 That is definitely a versatile piece, too. You and I share a taste for Pinot Noir…but I usually drink mine in restaurants and wine bars, haha.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Julie!! We order pizza and share a bottle of wine every Wednesday night. It’s pizza night at our house, and our entire family looks forward to Wednesdays. The kiddos drink sodas and we usually share a bottle of Pinot or Malbec. It never seems to get old!
      x Sally

  6. kerrie

    I think the chair gives a french nordic feel to the space. I am drawn to the pitchers on the window sill and the faint light giving a calm comforting mood. You captured this feeling that is so peaceful. xo

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