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Salutations! Well according to my calender it’s officially fall, but can you believe nobody told the weather guy here on the East Coast. It misty rained, rained, and almost rained the entire weekend, and they’re forecasting rain all this week too. It’s thick and muggy out there, humid enough to need AC. And you all know how I feel about that. What happened to the sun filled crispy crunchy autumn I was dreaming of? I hate to moan and groan about the weather, but I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing.

So I brought in a couple of subtle autumn decorations to get me through this soggy wet week.
Cottage Fix blog - subtle autumn decoratingI don’t tend to do a lot of gussying up for autumn. I’m usually too busy enjoying myself in the sun filled great outdoors. Fall planting is my favorite – when it feels like fall that is. I wanted to do just a little something inside. Roses in a soft peach shade and a single ghost pumpkin are just enough to let this shabby little cottage know fall is indeed approaching. It will come.Cottage Fix blog - subtle autumn decoratingI promised the kiddos a bunch of pumpkins (for the  front stoop) this year and a Christmas tree that reaches the sky. I’m one hundred percent sure the little stinkers will be holding me to that. Last year I went with a tiny Christmas tree and you would have thought I was the Grinch that stole Christmas. I thought it was pretty, but not worth an entire season of complaining. Lots of pumpkins and a big ole tree it is. Cottage Fix blog - subtle autumn decoratingI also moved the chalk board to the front entry for quick notes and lists. It makes it easy to check as we’re heading out the door. I might try it in place of the mirror.
Cottage Fix blog - subtle autumn decoratingWell, I’m off to watch a field hockey game… in the rain. Come to think of it, the one I went to last Thursday was rainy too. Farmer Brown loves this weather! He sits by the window and watches his new grass grow. I guess I could blame him. Grin.Cottage Fix blog - peach roses

Thanks for popping over today!!

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9 thoughts on “subtle autumn decorating at Cottage Fix

  1. Julie

    This season is always too short, Sally. It really cooled off here in the Midwest last night, and I fear that the best weather may be behind us. I do like your subtle Fall touches. And I can’t wait to see photos of all those pumpkins and the tallest tree ever 🙂

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Julie!! I’m ready for the humidity to blow out of here and the sun to shine. I’m not ready for cool weather though. Gosh, I sound so picky!! Thanks for visiting!
      xo Sally

  2. Kelly

    We must be in the same weather path as you. It is warm and rainy here today too. Your home looks nice and cozy though. I love the huge chalkboard that you’re using!

  3. Victoria

    Well, I must say I think I’d be doing the same as Farmer Brown and sitting on that comfy sofa watching the rain fall:) I love rain, it might be the English in me but it makes me happy! It rained here all day yesterday, so much so that I had to turn several lights on, so I just sat and cross stitched all day.

    I love your chalk board! I also love your rugs, I think they call them Jute rugs, correct? Very pretty!

    1. sally Post author

      Oh Victoria, I wish I could enjoy the rain like you. I can handle a day or two, and after that you’ll find me traipsing around outside in it. Paisley was not too happy on our morning walk.

      Yes, the rugs are jute/natural fiber. The large rectangular one is form World Market(currently on sale) and the round one I ordered from Serena and Lily.
      x Sally

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