strawberry jello cake

Hola fine ladies of blogland! I’m blogging in today with a super strawberry -y jello cake that’s just as pretty as it is delicious. We’re not only celebrating Mother’s day this weekend, but also our son’s sixteenth birthday. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted he requested a strawberry birthday cake with strawberry icing. It’s made with a doctored up box mix, which I mostly steer clear of because of the additives. I decided to give myself a break being Mother’s Day weekend and all. I like to claim the whole weekend, ya know!
Cottage Fix blog - strawberry jello cakeI asked my mom for the strawberry cake recipe that she made back in the day. After searching and searching she couldn’t find it, though she remembered making it with strawberry jello and frozen strawberries. So I did what any good blogger would do and started searching food blogs for the perfect, easy recipe. I found this pretty pink cake at Euna Maes’ Heirloom Kitchen And Home Goods and the recipe looked easy enough. I love a good old fashioned recipe that’s been in the family for years and is tried and true. This decadent, bright strawberry cake is sure to stay with our family for years to come.

Cottage Fix blog - strawberry jello cakeWell I’m off for a soak in a hot bath and an early night, there may be a second slice of that yummy cake in my evening plans too. Grin.

Happy Mother’s Day!

xoxo Sally



5 thoughts on “strawberry jello cake

  1. Doré @ BurlapLuxe

    Yum…. My grandmother would make a lime, and lemon bunt jello cakes buy baking the white cake, and poking holes all over it and then pouring warm jello liquid all over the cake letting the mellow drain into the holes… To then place it in the fridg to chill, last of all making a Lemon frosting for the lemon jello cake or the lime cake and frosting it. These simple cakes are always to tasty and such a great spring or summer cakes.
    Will have to try yours 🙂

    Happy Mothers Day dear.


    1. sally Post author

      I saw a few of these poke cake recipes when I was searching for the strawberry one. They sound interesting, I’m trying to imagine how the texture turns out. Going to give one a try – maybe for Father’s Day.
      xo Sally

  2. Kelly

    Yum! That cake looks good! Seems like the perfect flavor for summer too. Happy Birthday to your son! Does this mean he will be getting his drivers license soon? Will this be your first child to drive? Look out Virginia!

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