garden in the mist

Well guys, that on and off rain I mentioned has settled here on the coast and we’re getting all day mist with heavier rain falling at times. It’s really lovely and serene. I enjoy rain in the warmer months, it’s so romantic. The gardens turn lush green, and if it’s hot enough, the steam wafts from the streets. This is what it must be like living in Seattle, I’m craving nothing but café mocha and chai. Paisley and I walked in the mist this morning and then I headed out to the garden to snap a few photos.Cottage Fix blog - crepe myrtle branch in the springToday I’m sharing a few new garden treasures and plants too. This urn is one of two I picked up with my mom at a yard sale a few weeks ago. Does that tree look familiar? It’s my little Christmas tree, it kinda adds a nice focal point to our patio. Man it’s green out there!
Cottage Fix blog - garden in the mistI snipped a few of these white blooms and went for a white on white look in the living room. I’m not sure what these are, but they might be related to hydrangea. (Farmer Brown says it’s oakleaf hydrangea.)
Cottage Fix blog - oakleaf hydrangea
Miss Paisley spent the afternoon napping on the family room sofa while I was in the garden.Cottage Fix blog - Paisley napping on the sofaThis is our side garden and where the mystery plant is growing. We just cleared out the pathway, the ivy had made it all the way across.Cottage Fix blog - side garden path and oakleaf hydrangeaThey’re calling for even more rain tomorrow afternoon so I guess I’ll be sipping lattés and tea. See you soon.

Cottage Fix blog - oakleaf hydrangea

xoxo Sally
Cottage Fix blog - candlelight


7 thoughts on “garden in the mist

  1. Doré Burlap Luxe

    Oh the beauty and calm surrounds you, so wish we got a lot more rain here….I love when I read a post and see rain misted on the view out there windows. When it happens to rain here I take advantage of that day and clean my home, have something baking and I love to create all day. Something about the rain that’s so moving to me.

    You my friend are surround by wild over growth of beauty.
    Love the view from here.


  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    We are having a week of rainy days, and frankly, I’m thrilled because it was already becoming so dry! It’s also a great excuse to stay in with a good book. Your gardens around your home are so pretty and inviting!
    Mary Alice

  3. Kelly

    I love how green and lush your property is! Rain really makes a difference. I don’t like a lot of rain (it affects my mood) but do like a day of it every now and then. I know it makes our yard look a lot better. Your dog is so sweet curled up on the sofa!

  4. Julie

    Wow, those pictures of your gardens are gorgeous, Sally! I am trying a monochromatic scheme in front this year with all greens and whites, so I adore your photos. If you would like, I will gladly send you more rain from Nebraska. We are all beginning to build arks here……… ;(

  5. Kathy

    Your description of the rain sounds lovey. It is refreshing when the rain causes steam from the warm roads. A latte does sound wonderful while listening to the rain.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

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