sunny garden days — happy Friday

Umm… a week of sunny garden days can be a little rough on us allergy sufferers.  At this point our cottage is filled with flowers and teetering on the edge of smelling too sweet, if there is such a thing.  These flowering tree branches are by far the most fragrant of all.

flowering branches on the dining room hutchI don’t know what these are, but they smell so good! I can’t seem to find them in my garden book.  It’s a mystery to me.
flowering branches in the cottage dining roomI filled my Martha Stewart pitcher with a bundle of these fragrant branches and just let them do their thing.  I love a casual flower display!  These all white blooms against the taupe walls and white-ware keep this corner very neutral.

cottage hutch with white dishes and a shabby frameThis tree is growing in our front garden and it cascades over the driveway. Most of the trees and bushes that bloom out front are white, except for one pink dogwood. I like the consistent coloring with just the one pink tree as an accent, like a garden accessory.

white flowering treeThis is our back patio area with the wilderness section of our garden in the background.  Farmer Brown (aka honey) has big plans for that part of our property including a firewood holder.

bike in the cottage gardenHappy Friday!

xoxo Sally

bike basket filled with flowering branches, wine, and crochet


3 thoughts on “sunny garden days — happy Friday

  1. Jana NC

    Are the leaves shiny? If so, it’s probably ligustrum. They grow big and thick and can be invasive, but they make a wonderful screen or hedge. And yes, they smell heavenly or sickenly sweet — depending on your perspective! 🙂 We always had that growing in our yard growing up. We didn’t really bring it in, though. It looks lovely in your home — I see we missed out!

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Jana, welcome to cottage fix! I’m not sure if it’s ligustrum, the leaves are small and it has grown into a medium sized tree. I’ll take a sprig to the nursery next time I go. Sally

    2. sally Post author

      Yes, Jana! It’s privet which is a type of ligustrum. Just stopped by my favorite farmers market and nursery- beautiful hanging basket and tomatoes coming home with me. Exactly why I try to stay away from garden centers! Lol

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