cottage fix Christmas tree

Well guys, the Cottage Fix Christmas tree has landed. Honey and I picked her out ourselves and she’s quite the looker. I don’t know why, but it seems even when I deck our place out with a couple of little trees here and there throughout this old cottage, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until there’s a full size tree standing proud in our living room. The kiddos were double booked this past weekend so Honey and I decided to go ahead and pick our tree out without them. We went on sort of a tree picking date, it was quite fun! It still needs to be adorned with our collection of vintage and homemade ornaments, but it’s already looking quite pretty just with twinkly lights. Hopefully we can get our act together and knock this beauty out later on tonight.Cottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeCottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeWe chose a fraser fir which is readily available here on the coast of Virginia. They’re usually quite full and hold ornaments well too. We got ours from Lowes this year and she hardly dropped a needle when we were getting her in her stand.
Cottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeCottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeInstead of moving furniture from our living room, I decided to close off this entrance into our study. There’s another door leading into our study from the sun porch (quirky old cottage with a quirky old floor plan) so it doesn’t seem to be as inconvenient this way. It does make it feel quite warm and cozy in here with the French door closed and the tree all lit up. Now all I need is a mug of hot cocoa, my favorite holiday album, and one family to get this thing going.

Cottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeCottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeCottage Fix blog - our Christmas treeI’ll share a few more photos after she’s all decked out.

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - our Christmas tree



6 thoughts on “cottage fix Christmas tree

  1. Vickie

    Your tree looks so pretty with just the lights! It’s such a cozy room to enjoy your fireplace next to your twinkling tree. Enjoy the decorating!

  2. Victoria

    Your tree looks lovely but I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in her holiday gear! Your living room looks so cozy and inviting. I’ve been listening to tons of Christmas music, just have to get myself motivated to start baking!

  3. liz

    Tree is lovely even with only lights, and a fraser fir is my favorite also for holding all of my vintage ornaments. Looking forward to seeing her all decorated with your vintage treasures.

  4. Julie

    I can’t wait to see your tree decked out, but to be honest, I think it looks absolutely beautiful with just the lights, too. Your cottage is so warm and inviting, Sally. The fire and candlelight are very romantic and pretty 🙂

  5. Robin

    Beautiful tree! It took my girls and I a whole week before we finally got around to decorating ours this year! Apparently we’re not very fast moving this year!

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