Happy Birthday Miss Paisley!

Miss Paisley turns three today! Happy Birthday to my sweet girl! She’s been getting spoiled all week with a miniature schnauzer sized pancake breakfast this past Sunday and extra table scraps all week. What a mess! And she’s looking quite smug in her cozy winter sweater.

Cottage Fix blog - Paisley our miniature schnauzer wearing her cozy sweater

Here she is last Christmas sporting big brows…

Cottage Fix blog - our miniature schnauzer Miss Paisley sporting a full browThanks for visiting!

xoxo Sally


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Miss Paisley!

  1. Vickie

    She’s just so darn cute and comical, too! She may need to buy some doggy Spanks if she keeps eating all those goodies. hehe

    She certainly has a cozy throne right in front of your beautifully decorated fireplace! Happy Birthday, Paisley!

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