a cottage window with vintage lace

Salutations!  The sun has been shining a little more around here and we have been getting reacquainted with our garden!  I am afraid our fair weather friend has been somewhat neglected!  The red camellia has bloomed and I am anxiously awaiting for more plants to show off their Spring color.

white painted cottage

Camellia blooms remind me of lush velvet.  Is it weird to get so excited over flowers finally starting to bloom in the garden?

red camellia bloom

I found these vintage lace curtains while I was out thrifting.  I am enjoying them until I find a more permanent solution for these windows.  I have a tendency to change things around quite a bit.

cottage in a garden

I have always loved lace window treatments, even though they are kinda old fashioned.  They have a timeless romantic appeal.

cottage window with lace curtains

Red camellia blooms and vintage lace are dressing up the side garden while most of the trees still remain bare.  Long sunny garden days are just around the corner though!  See you there.

camellias in the garden