Friday flowers ~ garden pickings

Happy Friday Cottage Fix Crew! How ’bout this scrappy collection of garden pickings I rustled together into a bouquet of sorts. Grin.

It stormed like crazy here Wednesday with hail pelting down and buckets of rain pouring from our rooftop. I went around the house checking for water coming in to the sound of the clanking ice. No water! Phew. Apparently trees went down all over the neighborhood, so we were lucky here to just have flying yard debris. Our garden took a hit though. The potted petunias that were looking so full and beautiful, now, a bit shredded. And I was going to photograph our first garden lily, but it’s shredded too. And I had just put my kitchen herbs out to get some sun. I heard the thunder start clapping and thought “oh good, I’ll just leave them out there so I won’t need to water them later.” Ahem… I’m hoping for a full recovery! Yes, I’ll be dreaming of the colorful garden fairy flying in at dawn sprinkling her fairy dust over the shredded leaves and broken blooms. The hydrangeas are abundant this year, although a tad droopy. I’m not sure what that’s about? With all of the rain we’re getting I thought they’d look happier. I picked a few anyways. And I added in some delicate pink and white blooms from a flowering bush that was already planted in the way back garden when we moved in.  I’m not sure what this is, I looked it up with no success. The flowers are fuzzy and the hairs stick out like a soft spring porcupine. The closest thing I found to these sweet little blooms is meadow rue. The bugs seem like them too!

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “Friday flowers ~ garden pickings

  1. Kelly Dotson

    I’m sorry to hear about the storm causing damage to your beautiful flowers and other plantings. We’ve had a ton of rain here in Ga. too. Too much for my liking! Those flowers in your last pic are so pretty. I love the way you write too. You write like I’m reading a novel.

    1. Sally

      Thank you so much Kelly!
      They forecast three full days of rain, storm, and clouds here. I’m hoping it changes.
      Have a great week! xo

  2. Julie

    That’s too bad about the shredded flowers. We’ve had downpours recently with hail, too. I have lost annuals and perennials due to too much moisture. Ugh. Your bouquet sure is gorgeous, though!

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