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Hello there fine people of blogland! How are you? It’s been quite busy around here the past few weeks and I’m ready to get going on some decorating changes that I’ve been milling over.

Let me tell you—if you want a wall color that will instantly improve your mood and put a smile on your face, paint it yellow! This is our guest room/game room, and every time I come in here I wonder why I didn’t paint my whole world yellow. It’s a happy, cheerful room. This wall color is a buttery yellow, but I can’t remember the exact shade—it was the first room I painted, with the help of my mom, when we moved in about five years ago. I still love it. It always gives me a good feeling. And along with the blue and white bedding and Old Violet painted side table it is by far my favorite color palette in this shabby old cottage.

Cottage Fix blog - blue and white bedding

So I have some color plans in the works for another room (or maybe two) in our cottage that involve creamy yellow and gray, or maybe even sage green. I want something warm and welcoming. Fingers crossed for another happy cottage color story.  Here’s the thing… I have absolutely zero interest in painting all four walls of any room, so I’m coming up with a plan to infuse some color and character without standing on a ladder for days on end. So hopefully that’s not the road I’m heading down, but I won’t completely rule it out.

Cottage Fix blog - blue and white bedding, Old Violet painted side table, and white peonies

Cottage Fix blog - mirror and dash and Albert rug

Here in the upstairs hallway I finally hung a little something on the walls, make that wall. Grin. It’s the mirror that once hung out on the sun porch. I switched it out for the larger mirror that I added the floral wall paper to to create wall art. It looks nice on the sun porch I think. I’ll share that soon too. And this Dash and Albert carpet remnant I found at a yard sale years ago. It was removed from a staircase so it’s a bit tattered, but I don’t mind.
Cottage Fix blog - white peonies

Cottage Fix blog - happy cottage color

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - white peonies and Old Violet painted side table


3 thoughts on “happy cottage color

  1. Dore @BurlapLuxe

    I was going to say before I read you don’t mind the tatter to your runner, that I too don’t mind at all the bit of tatter to the salvage piece of running carpet in the hallway. I think it adds a lot of personality to w ell lived country home.
    As for your yellow room, I agree it’s a cheery room, and I am certain it swings your mood to a brighter day when you enter it. The most yellow I lean in my home is the undertone in my entry sitting room drop cloth curtains that add a bit of cream to the room. I have never in all my years painted a yellow room except for my moms kitchen that was a bright sunny yellow and with its dark woods it found itself always inviting a smile when you entered.

    I love the door trim casings and window trim, the old doors and knobs and hallway baseboards, your cottage in its simple beauty charms every visit here.

    Enjoy your week, and all it inspires!
    Do you ever think you would paint more areas and rooms in your cottage some sort of shade of yellow in this same color key palette?
    I have rooms that are due to repaint with a fresh coat of paint, I am inspired to get busy here.


    1. sally Post author

      Thank you so much Dore! Yes, I’ve been playing around with paint swatches in our living room. I’m not totally settled on anything yet. Have a great week! xo

  2. Kelly

    That is such a pretty soft shade of yellow. I can see why you like it. It looks so good in that room with the shabby chic bedding too. I used to have a very soft shade of yellow in my family room many years ago. I loved it.

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