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Hola! All is well here on the home front. Yesterday I was feeling like a bit of a shuffle-around. It’s been in the back of my brain for a while now and I couldn’t put it off much longer. So I coerced my strong teenage son to help move things around, having teenagers isn’t all bad. Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic reading corner on the sun porch

The daybed and end table from our guest room created a cozy little reading corner on our sun porch. I love cozy little nooks like these, and it’s just what our sun porch was missing. I must admit, I’m feeling pretty good about this. It’s light, fresh, and functional. Functional being the word of the day.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic reading corner

I’m wanting a second place to plop down and watch a movie in the evenings and it’s looking like our guest room is the winner. The teenagers are taking over the world, or at least the TV room. So instead of the daybed, we’ll be putting a comfy something or other in the guest room and changing things just a bit in there too. I was so happy the daybed worked out on the sun porch. I love it too much to part ways.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic reading corner on the sun porch

This little side table is kinda wonky, but it does the trick. It’s from the guest room too.Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic reading corner

I think it’s going to be fun to play around with the pillows and bedding in here. One of my favorite things to change around is throw pillows for sure. I think they really have the power to change a space. These are straight from the guest room, I’m just taking my time.Cottage Fix blog - summer bouquet

There’s a doorway leading from our sun porch to the office which is where I write most of my blog posts. So after I’m done I can just plop down in my new shabby chic reading corner. Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic sun porch and doorway to office

Could this be my new favorite spot in the house? I know one thing — dibbs!Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic reading corner on the sun porch

Now all I need is a stack of cottage magazines and an ice cold lemonade (or margarita).Cottage Fix blog - shabby chic reading corner on the sun porchxoxo Sally

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23 thoughts on “shabby chic reading corner

  1. kelly

    I love your sunroom! I like the white painted brick walls and old looking brick floor. You could put a dead plant out there and I would still love it! The reading nook that you created is so nice. that looks like a great place to relax and even take a nap.

  2. Robin

    A margarita for sure! It’s definitely worthy of the space. What a great idea, it’s like it was made for your pretty day bed. Love the gorgeous side table too!

  3. Cindy

    Oh, how pretty and serene. Looks like the perfect spot for reading a book or a nap. I love how the light flows into your rooms. I wish I had there here, but I have too many trees. I have to wait until there is snow on the ground and the sunlight bounces off the snow to fill my house with that much light – but that is a dreadful thought this time of year. I hope you can enjoy many leisure moments in this comfy spot.

  4. Doré Burlap Luxe

    Reading corner, sleeping corner, anything corner….and in my favorite room a top those brick floors.
    I love how your home seems to love you right back.
    I need a reading xorner now! You have my brain thinking, although I don’t have a closed in porch, or outdoors patio that could support dressing it up with all this wonderment that you have going on, a space room will have to do in my small French cottage.

    You inspire my friend, I hope this quiet little corner space brings you many days and nights of comfort.


  5. Mary Alice Patterson

    Love, Love, Love your new reading…or anything…nook you created on your sun porch! Oh my, it’s absolutely perfect. And that little side table would be calling my name if I saw it first. Just sayin’!
    Mary Alice

  6. Julie

    I am totally swooning over this new space you’ve created, Sally. And I know one thing for sure…if that was in my house I would NEVER leave!

  7. Victoria

    Oh my…it looks amazing! Your daybed is so beautiful, I don’t blame you one bit for refusing to get rid of it. I love anything wicker/rattan:) I love the floors and the white brick wall too! Perfection! Hope it’s okay if I pin a few of your pics!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Victoria! And I don’t mind at all – pin away. What a nice compliment.

  8. Suzan

    That is – without a doubt – sheer perfection – what a beautiful spot to lay down with a favorite book !
    I’d give anything to have an area exactly like that !

  9. Angelina

    This is such a wonderful spot to sit and grab a book and do some good reading! Congrats on your feature at share your style! I love the brick floor of that room, too!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Angelina! I love those brick floors too. They are one of the features that “sold” me when buying this place.
      xo Sally

  10. Terri

    Visiting from Essence of Home…. Your “cottage” is very, very inviting!! Love the brick pavers / floors!!!!! Now, I think I’ll take a look around the “Whole Home” !!! Thank you for sharing .. 🙂

  11. Kerrie

    I just found your blog from Kerryanne Shabby Boutique. I love your old cottage and this sunroom is dreamy. It reminds ne of a Jane Austen movie. I love the simplicity and style you are flowing with in this room. I think it would be my favorite place in the house. Actually I believe I would use it as my art studio. I love the rustic ness of the brick floors.

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