Cottage Fix beach days

Hola Cottage Fix friends! The beach was so lovely this past Sunday with cool clear water and a soft breeze. Even though these are the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, sometimes the dolphins make there way here to swim and play in the gentle waves. Unfortunately, the jellies glide on in too. The highlight of our day was feeding the seagulls Sun Chips, they get all feisty and funny.

Cottage Fix blog - seagull taking off with a Sun chipCottage Fix blog - red sailsPretty and  unusual red sails.

Cottage Fix blog - the seagull bossThis seagull was the boss! Grin!

Cottage Fix blog - fluffy clouds and white sails Fluffy clouds and white sails.

Cottage Fix blog - seagull excitementSeagull excitement.

Cottage Fix blog - Virginia shoreline of the Chesapeake BayHave a wonderful week!

xoxo Sally


2 thoughts on “Cottage Fix beach days

  1. Victoria

    Beautiful beach pics Sally! It looks like you’re enjoy your summer days to the fullest:)

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