just another mopsy, flopsy drop cloth cover

Good summer morning to you Cottage Fix friends! It looks like another moppy drop cloth chair cover has made its way into our shabby little cottage with the pokey little rooms, creaky wooden floors, and fresh summer ivy sneaking up the the exterior of the sun porch. I’m in love with this super easy, super cheap look that adds effortless cottage style to our living room without a lot of fuss. When I say easy—buy a drop cloth, wash it, drape it over an overstuffed chair. I’m sayin’ easy!

And since Miss Paisley seems to take over any new seating I bring in, I’m thrilled to say it’s also dog friendly. The funny thing is this chair isn’t new at all, and I’m not sure why a drop cloth makes it so much more appealing to her. It’s really quite an old lady of a chair that I picked up at a yard sale about four years ago now. It lived in the family room until recently— and Paisley never jumped up on it, not once. I moved it into the living room, covered it with this pretty drop cloth, and she’s been on it ever since. She likes the new look I guess. Grin! And now she gets up on the drop cloth chair like this in the family room too. Dogs are so funny like that.Cottage Fix blog - moppy drop cloth chair cover for effortless cottage styleWell, I’m off to pack up a picnic for the beach and it’s going to be a scorcher! That hot and muggy Virginia summer air settled in this past week and the cicadas are singing their song. It’s been all T–shirts and flip flops for me, light salad lunches, and ice cream at night. The garden is growing tall, weeds and all, with each sun filled day. I plucked a few daisies to cheer things up in here with there happy yellow centers, it’s way too hot for weeding though. We’re planning a day trip to the beach for a picnic lunch of Cuban sandwiches and watermelon and a cool dip into the salty waves. I’m looking forward to the therapeutics of the salt and sun.

Cottage Fix blog - daisies from the garden

Cottage Fix blog - drop cloth chair cover for cozy cottage style

And she’s out…

Cottage Fix blog - Miss Paisley sleeping on the drop cloth chair cover

Have a lovely Sunday and thanks so much for visiting!

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - daisies and a chippy paint door


4 thoughts on “just another mopsy, flopsy drop cloth cover

  1. kelly

    Your day sounds like it’s going to be a fun one! You’re SO lucky to live near a beach/ocean! I’m jealous. I haven’t been to one yet this year. We are aiming to take our vacation in the Fall at this point. I love your chair draped in drop cloth. It looks very comfortable and functional. I know all too well how important that is when living with kids and pets. Hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. Doré @ BurlapLuxe

    HI Sally. I thing the covered drop clothed chair is for now right where it needs to be, your fur baby has found a safe haven in that corner along with family comfort.
    And I love how you live an authentic cottage life, love of family outings, your gardens, home defined in the best of salvaging and living with its grace.

    I have to say I also love how fitting your fireplace paint white quietly shouts out cottage.
    I am never bored with what you post and always inspired with what appears to be living creatively.

    Enjoy your wonderment.

  3. Victoria

    Your new drop cloth addition looks perfect in your cottage! How funny that your pup loves it so much, I wonder if there’s something about the texture that appeals to her! I’m loving my drop cloth chair also so thank you for the creative idea:) I used to have a big, fake leather chair that was given to me by someone who no longer wanted it and, can you believe, I dumped it and now I so wish I still had it!!! It was a perfect drop cloth candidate:( Oh well, it’s long gone now!

    It’s hot, muggy and humid here also but so go our summer’s! I just crank up the air and turn all the ceiling fans on then shudder when I see our electricity bills! Enjoy your beautiful cottage life my friend!

    1. sally Post author

      Thank you so much, Victoria. I’m so happy you’re still enjoying your chair cover. I was thinking of chucking this chair too, and then I thought why not another drop cloth. It’s gold floral underneath – which I really liked at one time.

      I cranked up the AC here too, totally dreading the electric bill!! Stay cool. xo

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