Cottage Fix bottles and roses window art

Salutations! It’s playtime here at Cottage Fix. Oh yes this fine weather we’re having has got me in a cheery mood indeed. I created a whimsical window display with recycled bottles, white pitchers, and fresh roses. This is my favorite little corner at the moment with pink and purple blooms, Miss French Flax chair, and a nubby warm blanket. I keep coming in here to work, but really I sit and gaze at my window art display. Somebody snap me out of it so I can get some things done around here.  Cottage Fix blog - Flax chair, denim pillows, nubby blanket, and roses window artThis was really easy to create and it only took about 10 minutes or so. The only thing I had to do was make the hanging recycled bottle. I just cleaned out one of the kiddos soda bottles, wrapped a piece of hemp rope around the opening, and then looped another longer piece around it to created a hanger. (I tested it while empty before filling it with water and roses.) Wallah! Cottage Fix blog - roses in the windowsillOne great way to get a second life out of your bouquets is to cut them short when they start to sag. I put them in tiny pitchers and jars and just set them around to get that shabby chic look I so love. I tend to place mine in the windowsills. It’s like getting two bouquets for the price of one, and you guys know I’m all for that. Don’t look now but my inner cheapskate escaped and landed smack dab on the office windowsill. Grin.Cottage Fix blog - bottles and roses window artI’ve also seen these sweet hanging bottles created with craft wire, which is also a pretty look. I just went with the hemp rope because I already had it on hand. Cottage Fix blog - roses window art DIYRoses are pink, Violets are blue

Window art is fun, and I thank you!Cottage Fix blog - roses window artxoxo Sally

Cottage Fix blog - roses in the windowsill


9 thoughts on “Cottage Fix bottles and roses window art

  1. Victoria

    Oh, they look so beautiful hanging inside your window like that! I’ve done this with very small bottles but have never tried with a bigger sized bottle, I’ll have to put that on my to-do list:) I’m rose-less right now but I do hope to pick some up later on this week.

    I love the shutters on your window! Do you close them at night? We have poopy plastic apartment blinds:(

    1. sally Post author

      We have half shutters on all the front facing windows and full length on the ones on that wall of the office. I close some of them, but not all.

  2. Kerrie

    Your roses on the window sill was my favorite part of your last post along with your lively flax chair and white chippy table. xo

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