so how about fall?

Hello there! We have been enjoying some lovely mild and sunny weather here near the east coast which is so nice after the hard rain we had last week. The sweet fall air is slowly blowing in and I’m diggin’ it. Yes, I’ll take a week or two of crisp sunny days, oh say around 75 degrees or so, with a light northern breeze. Pretty please Al Roker! Grin! I tend to drag a bit when it comes to changing out the seasonal decor around the cottage. I’m that neighbor who keeps the Christmas decorations up to the brink of being tacky — I just love those white twinkle lights. So how about fall?

Cottage Fix - mercury glass pumpkin fall decor

Well, I’m not big on fall decorations. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s mostly because of the traditional colors with the oranges, rusts, and browns. You all know how much I just love blues and whites and I ‘m not sure if they play all that well together with the fall color pallette. I picked up this rust colored mercury glass pumpkin a few seasons ago at Target. Last year it was my one and only indoor fall decor addition. But something happened when I pulled it out this year…

Cottage Fix - mercury glass pumpkin in the living room

I really like it, I mean really! The rich rust with the blue is so pretty and I love the contrast! I’m thinking I’ll be adding more of this warm earthy color here and there. My honey will be happy since orange is one of his all time favorite colors. It’s earthy and rich and really warming things up in here. I’m ready to cozy up in my jammies with a cup!

Cottage Fix - mercury glass pumpkin and blue pillowsAnd what about Miss Paisley? My poor little puppy has been under the weather for a few days, but I’m happy to report she is on the mend and feeling fine! I am willing to bet that fall is Paisley’s favorite season. Or it could just be any season that the windows go up to let in the fresh breeze, and even better the sounds of life swooshing by. She is quite amused with the sounds of the joggers, the mail lady, the lucky dogs walking by on their leads, and even happier to give a lively response! Yes Paisley, they hear you girl and they know you’re in here!

Cottage Fix - Miss PaisleyAnd how about those eyebrows guys? Hee hee!

xoxo Sally

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13 thoughts on “so how about fall?

  1. Lin

    Lookin’ good!

    I like blues, whites, & grays ~ so go with white & blue fall decor. Hummmmm ~ perhaps I’ll try a lil orange!

  2. Kelly

    I agree that the rust color of the pumpkin coordinates nicely with the blue in your room. You know you can always use white pumpkins too! That’s what I do. I’m not big on orange either. It feels too much like Halloween. I don’t decorate for that inside at all. Love how cute Paisley is! I’ve noticed more and more people out walking their dogs now that the weather has cooled down. I bet your dog is enjoying the cooler weather too.

  3. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your rust colored pumpkin definitely gives a nod to fall…love the contrast with your soft blues and whites. I don’t think I decorated much for fall until I started blogging.
    Your delightful blog is such a treat to visit!
    Mary Alice

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Michele! Well if it wasn’t for Paisley I would say the sisal rug is holding up great, super durable! I think mine is jute and chenille though, can’t remember. I got it from overstock over 5 years ago. Paisley has turned one corner into a chew toy!! Ugg

  4. Kathy

    I agree with your husband. Orange is a great color and makes you think of fall. But fall is still 4 days away on my calender and I am refusing to give up summer until then!

  5. Julie

    I really love that pumpkin! Tres chic…Target did well 🙂 I think the soft coppery-color looks great with your room’s color scheme, too. Kelly had a good idea with the white pumpkins, and I have silver ones that I use as well. Also wheat, pinecones and leaves, among other things, give a nice Fall feel without a lot of orange.
    Your dog’s eyebrows are adorable, haha.

  6. Vanessa Bower

    Sally, I really like your rust colored pumpkin. It reminds me a lot of mercury glass, which I’m very fond of. Like you I’m not much of a Fall decorator however, since discovering white pumpkins, I’ve loosened up a little.
    I think your home is so warm and cozy that what ever you choose to decorate with it will be charming.
    Thank you for sharing your little bit of fall with us.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Vanessa. It does look like mercury glass! I like the white pumpkins too, I have some tiny orange ones now that I’m thinking about painting.

  7. Judy

    That is such a pretty pumpkin. I have a lot of blue and even pink and I think the earth and rust colors of fall go very well with it all and even reds and greens of Christmas. I have a chest that my dad made in shop when he was in high school. It is very similar to yours. I’m going to take it out of the garage storage and use it. Sweet little puppy. So cute…Happy Thursday..Judy

  8. Karen

    This is the first time I have seen your home, it’s really lovely and charming! We love older homes too, just little things like radiators!

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