vintage media

Well, I’ve been working on this vintage media cabinet and I’m not quite sure about it. But, I think I’ll live with it for now. It was actually lovely with floral decoupage on the doors, but it did not go with what I had going on in the guest room so out came the white paint. Once upon a time it lived happily in my daughter’s room, but apparently she is not a little girl any more and has outgrown pink and flowers. Hmm… So it has found a new home in the guest room which serves double duty as a video game room for the kiddos. I love the metal speaker grate along the bottom and I topped it with an old chicken coop to add height. I do wonder what little cottage or farm house that coop came from. The galvanized bucket is hiding a giant extension cord and some other cord type stuff that apparently you need for TV and games and such.

vintage media cabinet vintage chicken coop vintage cabinet and galvanized bucket

2 thoughts on “vintage media

  1. Kevin

    Looks like the cabinet turned out really nice. Can I ask what’s up with the little rectangle on the front of the cabinet?

  2. Sally

    Thanks Honey! The little rectangle is where our daughter wrote “I love mommy and daddy.” That rectangle is the only reason I did not strip off the decoupage to create a smooth finish.

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