Five ways to use crochet and lace to create a romantic cottage look

Hola Cottage Fix friends! Today we’re talking crochet and lace. I was reading an article online and it made me realize that lace is everywhere. And crochet, they are both everywhere! I love them because they are soft and romantic, visually interesting, and add texture. This classic look is all the trend right now and here are five ways to use them to get a romantic cottage look.

1. Soften the look of seating

New and vintage crochet soften the look of seating, especially wicker and wood pieces, which are often used in cottage style decorating.
Cottage Fix blog - crochet throw on a wicker settee

Vintage crochet hand-sewn by my great grandma.

Cottage Fix blog - crochet trim throw blanket for a romantic cottage look

Crochet trim throw blanket from Pottery Barn.

2. Window dressing

They add a romantic look to windows and softly filters the light.
Cottage Fix blog - vintage lace window panels
Vintage lace panel found at a local thrift store secured with a tension rod.
Cottage Fix blog - a vintage crochet tablecloth secured to the window with a spring rod

Vintage crochet secured to the window with a tension rod.

3. Casually piled for visual appeal

Crochet and knits piled up in a basket add a casual touch of romance and save space in your linen closet.
Cottage Fix blog - crochet and knits stored in a basket

A mix of hand-sewn knit and crochet.

4. Hide storage with style

Lace curtains create just the right amount of coverage to hide shelves designated for storage on built–ins and bookcases.
Cottage Fix blog - lace curtain to hide storage on a bookcase
Lace curtain panels purchased from K-mart.

5. Tabletop decorations

At the tabletop include a touch of crochet or lace for a vintage romantic style.
Cottage Fix blog - lace trim napkin to add a touch of romance at the tabletop

Lace trim vintage napkin.
Cottage Fix blog - crochet trim napkin for a romantic cottage look

Crochet trim linen napkin, also vintage.

How do you like to use lace and crochet in your home? I’d love to hear!

Cottage Fix blog - crochet trim throw blanket xoxo Sally


5 thoughts on “Five ways to use crochet and lace to create a romantic cottage look

  1. Julie

    Gosh, I am a sucker for crocheted lace. My home is, for the most part, a little too modern/eclectic for it, but I manage to slip some in when I can. Currently, we have a crocheted lace bed skirt. Those first 2 photos are SO gorgeous!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Julie! Crochet on your bed skirt sounds so dreamy. I recently found a duvet cover with crochet accents on clearance at Target. I’m excited to see how it looks! Thanks for visiting. xo

  2. Victoria

    How funny, you read my mind! I have so many pretty vintage pieces that I had tucked away in a basket under the guest room beds, I pulled it out yesterday and dyed a piece an aqua color to put on the guest room end table and dyed one of Kyran’s great grandma’s doilies aqua for my wicker table.. I found 2 pretty curtain panels that I thought would be perfect if I could somehow used them underneath my desk…and voila, I see you’ve done it on your shelf!!! It looks so lovely! I just have to figure out who to attach mine along the length of the desk as a tension rod wouldn’t be long enough.

    I love your crocheted piece in the first pic! That really is a treasure:) Always love coming here and swooning over your beautiful cottage Sally:)

    1. sally Post author

      That sounds so pretty Victoria! I wonder if you could use a cable, I’ve seen something like that in a RA book – I think it was tab top panels held up by a cable on the lower kitchen cabinets. Or a curtain rod with ring clips might work. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! xo

  3. kelly

    Your house lends itself well to crochet and lace textiles. I think it’s that cottage style of your home that helps it fit in so well. I love the basket filled with linens! It’s all so cozy. Also, the lace panel in front of the book shelves is such a great idea.

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