vintage mirrors for a dose of shabby cottage style

A vintage mirror, oh how I love a vintage mirror or two.  Nothing makes me weak in the knees quite like an old beveled mirror aged to perfection.  Can you have too many in one little cottage? Of course, I think not!  I believe I’ve heard my honey call it a mirror obsession. Yes, I’m sure.  I confess I’m swooning over vintage mirrors of all kinds … they just pull at my heart strings.  How about a cracky, shabby old plaster frame?  Oh my, can it get any better than a cracky, shabby old plaster frame that is happily showing it’s age? Or maybe a chippy painted frame in ivory for a dose of shabby cottage style.

Cottage Fix -vintage mirror grouping behind the piano

This vintage collection just sorta came together since I have been looking for something to fill up the wall behind the piano.  I stole a couple from one room, and one from another, then grouped them together here. It’s a big ole empty wall so I can add more vintage mirrors as I find them.  And it’s the perfect excuse not to pass up the next vintage beauty that comes my way.

Cottage Fix -vintage mirror grouping for shabby cottage style

These mirrors are especially nice on overcast days like today when the house is feeling dark.  They reflect a bit of sparkle back into the living room.

Cottage Fix -vintage piano with mirror and hydrangea

This sweet pretty mirror I totally stole from my mom.  She picked it up at an estate sale we went to together a few years back.  I love it, so much in fact that I somehow managed to have it hanging in our entry.

Cottage Fix -vintage mirror in the entry with umbrella and beach bag

It looks exactly as it did the day she found it.  The frame was already painted this nice ivory shade and it had started to get chippy.

Cottage Fix -vintage mirror in the entry for shabby cottage style

This last mirror was a gift from a dear friend of mine.  We were touring her attic to see the before space of her third floor master suite-to-be, which turned out beautiful by the way.  I commented that I liked her old plaster frame leaning up against the unfinished wall figuring she had plans for it in her future bedroom.  She said “why don’t you take it!'”  You don’t have to ask me twice!

Cottage Fix -vintage mirror in the dining room

This drama queen of a mirror, with its black and bronze plaster frame, is dressing up a corner in our dining room.  I had a mirror cut to fit the frame at Lowes, so the frame is vintage, but the mirror it’s holding is new.

Cottage Fix -vintage mirror in the dining room for shabby cottage style

I’ll be glad when the sun comes back out, but until then I’ll be enjoying the sparkle from the mirrors.

xoxo Sally


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