holiday wreath of fresh evergreen, rosemary, and lavender

The holiday madness has begun!  The shopping, baking, decorating, and of course the crafting are all in full swing.  Did I mention the shopping?  I have certainly been doing my part in stimulating our economy!  As much as I love to shop for gifts I happen to love making things even more.  The kids and I have been holiday crafty crazy since they were just tiny little guys.  We made candy covered Christmas trees and glittered coated stars, paper chains that went on and on.  This year they have each schemed up their own crafty Christmas gift for one another so I did a little crafting of my own.

dining room with fresh wreath

This is my first attempt at wreath making and I think it came out kinda sweet. The wreath is made of juniper, rosemary, and lavender.  I don’t exactly know what the proper wreath making technique is, but I just kept wiring greenery and then herbs together until it looked right.  The dining room smells like Christmas!

shutters with fresh wreath

I hung the wreath from two hooks to help it keep its round shape, otherwise it’s a little droopy.  The Command Strip hooks work well if you don’t want to leave any marks.

Happy Christmas!

fresh holiday wreath

After I wrote this post our sweet Derby was hit by a car in front of our house and passed away on the way to the vet.  She was my best buddy. I made this wreath out of plants from her backyard which was one of her favorite places. She will be missed by our family and all of her many friends, both human and canine, more than words can say.