Oh Christmas Tree

Christmastime without our two year old teenager puppy is just not the same.  Our family is trying really hard to find our smiles and allow some happiness back into our home.  It’s a little bit better when we are all out of the house and aren’t having that feeling of something being missing.  It is dreadfully quiet so we have been trying to play more music and clown around some.  That crazy Derby energy and enthusiasm was fun to have filling our home.  We miss her.  So this is our Christmas this year and we are trying to make the most of it. Day by day and piece by piece life is starting to be okay, and we are even finding ourselves laughing some about our funny puppy stories.  One thing that I have learned which I never really got before, our pets become part of our families — something I learned from Derby.


Christmas 2013

Our Christmas tree is from Walmart this year which we have never done before, but for 25 bucks I decided to give it a try.  When my honey first brought it in I got a little worried at the amount of needles that fell out.  But it has turned out to be nice and fresh and drinking up lots of water.  It’s decorated with a mix of vintage, heirloom, homemade, and store bought ornaments.  Our trees always comes out looking kinda eclectic!


Christmas 2013


Every season I dream of a house filled with fresh greenery, vintage ornaments, and white twinkle lights, but the kiddos usually have something else in mind.  They love to unload the Christmas boxes from the attic and find there favorite ornaments and chachkis.  So while they are still having so much fun decorating there rooms and helping me with decorating the house our Christmas decor will come from the attic and we will use all of it, every last drop!


Christmas 2013

I saved the leftover Christmas tree branches and added pine cones to make a potpourri for the coffee table.  The fresh greenery smells like Christmas and as you can see the potpourri was quite easy to make.  I filled the bottom of my bowl with Christmas tree trimmings and then added a mix of large pine cones from the yard and mini glitter pine cones from Target.

Merry Christmas to all of my cottage fix friends!