peonies in the storm

Let me tell you… last night I lie awake to the sound of the rumbling thunder echoing through our bedroom. Rain pounded the roof and lightning lit the night sky with each explosive thunder boom. If it hadn’t been for Miss Paisley, there’s a good chance I might have slept right through this grandiose storm. But she likes to keep us informed of these sorts of things. Wink.

Cottage Fix blog - peony centerpieceAs I lay there, all I could thing about was my new peony blooms out there in the thick of it, probably drooping down from the whipping wind and heaviness of the rain. I look forward to the blooming of the peonies every Spring, it’s a big deal for us here. They are most definitely the highlight of the back garden with there brighter than bright happy pink blooms. I almost hopped right out of bed and ran out there in the dark scary night to save them, not to mention my daughter’s sunflower seedlings were most likely swimming in water by now too. Hmm… this was going to be one long night.Cottage Fix blog - peonies in the garden

Cottage Fix blog - peony centerpieceI finally drifted back to sleep to a dream of the ocean waves dragging me down the shore while I was frantically looking for sharks. It was not a restful night.

Cottage Fix blog - peony centerpieceSo what’s one to do when her peonies are threatened day after day by heavy rains and storms? There’s really no choice… I picked every last one. Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - candle, peonies, and weathered shutters

xoxo Sally

PS Not to worry, I saved the sunflowers too. They were soaked!!

Cottage Fix blog - sunflower seedlings after a big storm

PPS Looks like more peonies are on the way. I added a few rose sprigs with the peonies to create a fuller centerpiece this go round.

Cottage Fix blog - peony centerpiece



9 thoughts on “peonies in the storm

  1. Victoria

    Your Peonies are beautiful! How wonderful it must be to have your own flowers to pick:) It’s so difficult growing anything here in FL, I struggle with keeping from growing mold and fungus due to the high humidity. Right now, I have a Hibiscus plant on the front porch that I thought for sure was a goner but I moved it more into the sunlight and it seems to be hanging in there…knock on wood!

    Glad your daughter’s Sunflower’s are okay too! Oh, that lamp above your table is stunning!!!

  2. Julie

    The peonies are so pretty, Sally. My mother-in-law used to grow them but I’ve never tried. I think that the short-lived spring flowers are the loveliest 🙂

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Julie. Peonies are definitely one of my favorites! These were already planted in the garden when we moved in so I’m not sure of the variety. If I had to guess I’d say they’re the Peony Gay Paree. Happy Friday! xo

  3. Vickie

    Isn’t that the way it goes? Just when the peonies are at their peak, a thunderstorm is sure to roll in! I finally planted some in our yard last year, but I doubt I’ll get any flowers for a few years. I’m glad you rescued yours to make all the pretty arrangements in your house.

  4. Kelly

    Those peonies are just beautiful! I love the colors of them. I have a peony bush in my front yard that you can’t see from the street. I often forget about picking the blooms. I should try to remember to do that! I love the pic of your dining table with the candle lit and the gorgeous flowers and chandelier.

  5. Robin

    Aww man, so glad they survived the storm so you could go out and pick them. One year I had my completely destroyed in a rain/hail storm before I could even pick a single one – it was a very sad day.

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