Friday flowers from the late summer garden

Hello there Cottage Fix friends! I’m blogging in from the Virginia coast with a tropical storm heading our way. Hermine is headed straight for the Florida pan handle, and then forecast to make its way up the east coast. Those 70s I was dreaming of are looking more and more like they’ll be accompanied by buckets and buckets of rain, rain, rain. I’m still holding out hope for the sunshine and cool air to blow in on Sunday, but it looks more like the warm summer air will be hanging around a tad longer. Can I just say, I just love when the weather starts to turn and my blue jeans make their grand appearance, but yet it’s still warm enough to wear my floppin’ hoppers too! My all time uniform of choice is jeans, with a T–shirt and flip flops—because I’m so fancy. Grin. When the sun’s shining bright and the air has cooled a bit, the garden is right where I want to be. Hearty outdoor suppers and ice cold Autumn ales are waiting.

Cottage Fix blog - whites on the sun porch with a late summer garden bouquet

Farmer Brown and I are looking at a full weekend ahead with yard work at the top of our list (depending on the weather), along with errands, and running the kiddos around all over town. Like I mentioned earlier this week, there’s not much color blooming out in the garden this time of year. But I did my best to put together this little late summer garden bouquet of white crepe myrtle, a single pink rose, purple blooms from our monkey grass, and a few of the bright pink beauties I don’t know the name of. Farmer Brown thinks maybe they’re asters, but I can’t say for sure.

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers from the late summer garden

Cottage Fix blog - all whites on the sun porch and Friday flowersThis sort of bouquet is always one of my favorites, just a whimsical mix of whatever’s out there. It reminds me of my daughter when she was just a little garden fairy goober. Our yard would be nothing but green it would seem and then she’d show up to me with a sweet little bouquet mix wanting a vase and water. Usually her beautiful creations would boast pansies and buttercups, and sometimes a rose or two if she could find a couple of lonely stragglers.

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers from the late summer gardenThanks so much for visiting with me today! And enjoy a lovely holiday weekend! And to all of my friends and family down South, stay safe!

xoxo SallyCottage Fix blog - Friday flower bouquet from the late summer garden


3 thoughts on “Friday flowers from the late summer garden

  1. Julie

    Always lovely photos of your sun porch and flowers, Sally. I hope you can squeeze in some garden time this weekend and that the torrential rains miss your area. We are starting to enjoy cooler mornings here in Nebraska with lower humidity. I haven’t ordered my first Pumpkin Spice Latte yet, but they are available now, haha. Have a good weekend, Friend!

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks Julie!! lol I was just at the market and thought I’d take a look to see if the pumpkin spice creamer is out yet. Not yet! I guess I’ll need to make a run for a fancy coffee treat for that. Have a lovely weekend. xo

  2. Victoria

    Such beautiful flowers and your sunroom always makes my heart go pitter patter!!! I’m hoping for you that you get some sun this weekend. We’re very grey and rainy here, I was going to go grocery shopping but decided I’ll wait for my hunny to get home and go together because I don’t feel like running thru the rain with a cart full of groceries! I hope you don’t get too much Hermine up there. Enjoy your weekend!!!

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