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Happy Friday Cottage Fix friends! Today’s bouquet is more special than most, accompanied you see by a champagne toast! Honey and I are celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary tomorrow. Yay! When I think back on the spring we first met and started dating, it feels like just yesterday, but somehow a dream. It was so many years ago that a handsome young musician followed me around a college campus wooing me with gifts of strawberry kiwi Snapple and inviting me to the band’s next gig. I think it was love at first sight with his devilish grin and charm. I swear he would just pop up anywhere and everywhere, my very own college boy stalker. Grin. Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers bouquet and basketIsn’t this a beautiful bouquet, especially for the end of summer heading into fall. The colors are fresh, yet warm and the eucalyptus smells divine. Honey treated me to these to celebrate.

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowers in the cottage living roomCottage Fix blog - sunflower from the garden in our cottage bedroomAnd this big yellow beauty is the last of my daughter’s sunflowers from the back garden. They really did much better than I thought they would. We ended up with a cute little sun flower patch that soared above the weeds and bloomed all the time.

I have this vision of an English garden for out back, with whimsical perennials of holly hock and delphinium. The English roses would perfume the patio and the butterflies would flutter about. And a perfectly manicured row of boxwood for added structure and year round green. A garden dream for sure…

Cottage Fix blog - white sofa, basket, and bouquet

Cottage Fix blog - Friday flowersWe’re in for a treat tomorrow. We’ll be watching our daughter in her first cross-country meet of the season, and then off to the football game to watch our son in the marching band. I so love watching them both do their thing, nothing else like it! And finally we’re heading out for a romantic dinner, nothing fancy, somewhere quaint with delicious food. I’ll let Honey pick I think. I’m such a home–girl though, I’d be just as happy with take out, champagne, and a movie on the sofa.

Cottage Fix blog - sunflower and Simply Shabby Chic beddingHave a lovely weekend!

xoxo Sally


2 thoughts on “cottage fix Friday flowers

  1. Julie

    Happy Anniversary, Sally! Have a wonderful day filled with family activities. You are so lucky to have a beautiful, happy family 🙂

  2. Victoria

    Happy belated anniversary Sally! I loved the pic you posted on IG of you and your honey, too cute! I hope you had a wonderful and romantic time:) I can SO relate to being a home girl tho, I’m the same and Kyran’s right there along with me…we have to force ourselves out sometimes but nothing beats the comfort of home.

    How awesome that your kids are involved in school activities! Keeps them busy and makes a mama proud at the same time:) For my boys it was skateboarding for hours and hours on end, never sat still for 5 minutes!

    I just got another Selina Lake book, Outdoor Living and there’s some amazing English gardens in there! That would be my dream garden too but, here in FL, doubt it’s going to happen:) Happy Monday in your lovely little cottage Sally!

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