Cottage Fix fresh blue hydrangeas from the market

Good morning Cottage Fix friends. We have flowers here looking pretty on the window sill in our living room, fresh blue hydrangeas from the market. I’m on a blue kick at the moment, which is really no different from any other time I guess.

Cottage Fix blog - fresh blue hydrangeas on the windowsill

I went thinking pink and came home with blue. And my daughter sweet talked me into sunflowers for the guest bathroom too. She really had to lay it on thick – wink. I’m such a sucker for flowers! I’ll share those with you next time.
Cottage Fix blog - fresh blue hydrangeas and sunlight

I’m so happy not to be talking about curtains and drapery for a change. I believe I sorted that problem all out and I’m feeling so much lighter today (in my mind that is, not by the scale – shucks!). I kept the toile and lace in the family room and went back to the soft white sheers on the sun porch. And to reward myself for all of that hard work and decision making I went to the flower market with my daughter. Grin.

Cottage Fix blog - fresh blue hydrangeas in the cottage living room window

We had a few errands to run and one of them happened to be near my favorite place in town to buy flowers. They offer such a nice variety and great prices too, we came home with hydrangeas and sunflowers all for just over 10 bucks. Not as cheap as snipping them from the garden, but there’s nothing blooming out their right now. Hot pink blooms are on the way soon. Yay!

Cottage Fix blog - fresh blue hydrangeasCottage Fix blog - fresh blue hydrangeas and lace curtains

And thinking about the garden, Honey is cracking the whip out there lately let me tell you. We are running weed liner in the back flower bed and topping it with fresh pine straw. It’s not the fair weather gardening I’m accustomed to, that’s for sure. Oh no, this is hard core, sore the next day kind of work; in the thick of the weeds and hot muggy air. My domestic goddess isn’t wild over the thought of calloused hands, or sweat for that matter. We put in three to four days so far and I think we’re about half way there. It really is looking good though.
Cottage Fix blog - white sofa, natural fiber rug, and lace curtiainsSee you soon.

xoxo Sally

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8 thoughts on “Cottage Fix fresh blue hydrangeas from the market

  1. Julie

    The hydrangeas are so pretty, Sally, and they look just right in your home. I love that your domestic goddess is rebelling against the garden work, haha. I totally empathize with you, and I think I get a few nice flowers from my gardens by luck…definitely not from hard work! 😉

  2. Dore

    Hi comfy cozy cottage fix, as for the hydrangeas love the blue in your home, and I am sure you will let them dry themselves out when it’s time. I happen to be attracted to the white ones with the hint of green in them layering them with greenery. Working In a hot yard is not a favorite of mine unless I can run through the sprinklers often enough to cool off. I wait for the cooler weather even winter gardening to do all the hard work and try to keep up with the light work through summer, the heat hear in southern Calif is more then what I want to beat in the heat of days.
    I am sure the hard work your hubby is doing in the yard will surely pay off this winter 🙂

    Looking forward to the sunflowers,
    I am spending my days hard at work moving a friend to a beach cottahe and decorating it , my inspiration for my blog is suffering, I will soon be sharing a new piece I am working on, crossing my fingers it turns out to be what I imagin it to be.

    See you and your cottage soon.


  3. Kelly

    I’m a sucker for blue hydrangeas too! I love how they look in your living room. It’s hot and muggy here this week too. We’ve had a lot of rain so it’s muggier than usual. I bet it feels good to know you’re making progress outside.

  4. Nellie

    I am a hydrangea lover too, I like any color, they are all so beautiful. They really look pretty on your
    window sill. Love your shutters, I use to have those in our old house, over 35 years ago. We painted and
    hung every single one. They covered the entire perimeter of the outer walls which were all jalousie window,
    and I had them just on the bottom like yours. One of the things I hated to leave………….
    Love how the room looks with the sunlight streaming thru the windows, beautiful. Enjoy your hydrangeas and your sunflowers………
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Nellie! We have shutters in the living room and office downstairs and in all of the upstairs bedrooms. They were already here when we looked out the house and I was so happy they conveyed. Have a great weekend!
      xo Sally

  5. Victoria

    I love the look of your windows with the shutters and the lace draped over! So pretty and airy looking:) Your Hydrangea’s are lovely also. I had a Hydrangea plant on our lanai, it did fairly well for a long time then it just decided to die:( I have a horrible time keeping any sort of plant alive tho so I wasn’t surprised!

    I went to Target last week and they did have the Simply Shabby faux silk curtains so I bought 2 panels in the grey, put them up in our bedroom and I love them! Hubby likes them too because the sun doesn’t shine thru as much as it did with just the lace hanging. Have a lovely weekend:)

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