Paisley and peonies

The peonies are beginning to bloom in the garden so I finally have something other than red azalea to cut and bring in. The summer flowers are on the way. I’m so happy — peonies are my all time favorite! These are the first three peony blooms in bright pink with a pastel pink center.

pink peonies

Little Miss Paisley is taking big strides in her walking abilities. She is going full speed ahead in mastering our hike on the nearby trail. It’s a good thing because she is growing fast and becoming harder and harder to carry! You should see my guns!

our puppy keeping an eye on things

Since we purchased the piano the living room is still running low on furniture. I haven’t had much time for treasure hunting, but I ‘m hoping to change that in the coming months. A chair and either a coffee table or ottoman are at the top of my wishlist. Although I must admit, I like the feeling of breezing through a somewhat empty room.

Paisley and pink peonies in the living room

Growing up, my mom was always rearranging or sometimes completely redecorating my childhood home.  She’s still at it so I guess it could be an inherited trait. I know I have it!  When my son was just a wee little guy I heard all these loud thuds coming from his room. I hurried down the hall only to find him rearranging his bedroom furniture.  “Whatcha doin bud?” I asked him really already knowing the answer. “Oh just rearranging,”  he stated so simply and matter of factly. All I could do was offer to pitch in.

cottage living room and our sweet Paisley

My daughter is currently on a mission for some help painting a few pieces of furniture in her room. I guess we just can’t help ourselves. Funny enough my husband likes everything to stay exactly the same. Sometimes I get the feeling he’s not sure what to do with us.

pink peonies on a piano stool

Happy Mother’s Day!

xoxo Sally

Paisley waiting on the sofa


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