the perfect shade of gray

Salutations Cottage Fix friends and fine people of the world wide web. Gray is all the buzz this year, that’s for sure. For more reasons than just being one of the hottest color trends of the year so I hear (haven’t read the book or seen the movie still, but I’m planning on it … ahem). Anyways, back to the color of the year, that tid bit is according to my mom who read that one of this year’s winner for color of the year is silvery gray. Well for better or for worse, and sometimes I think I’m my own worst enemy, I can now paint our office in about three hours flat, including breaks. So when I saw my mom’s freshly painted dining room wearing this beautiful gray, I knew I had to steal it and paint something here too. Cottage Fix blog - silvery gray wall paint in the cottage officeIt’s called Marquee by Behr and I’d argue that my mom has discovered the perfect gray wall color. It’s a soothing, relaxing shade with bluish lavender undertones and plays so well with natural fiber rugs and creamy whites. Now I’m just trying to talk myself out of painting another room this same soft gray, another bad habit of mine. Can I have too much of a good thing? Grin. Cottage Fix blog - silvery gray on the walls with white wicker and pink rosesI had it in my head that as I finished up my painting project, the rest of the cottage would magically have that same clean fresh feeling that these office walls have. But the sofa pillows that I recently switched around are looking a little on the frumpy side to me and the office desk is stilled piled up with clutter. I pushed it all to one side so I could snap a few photos without turning bright red with utter embarrassment. Cottage Fix blog - silvery gray, creamy whites, and a natural fiber rugSo while there’s more work to be done to whip this shabby little place into shape for spring, I am digging this lovely gray color—if you can’t tell.  I’m planning on bringing in more of this sort of thing … fresh, light, and airy. Spring is here after all and I don’t have many more days if I want to finish my spring spruce up before summer gets here.Cottage Fix blog - French door leading to the officeThe heat and humidity have poured in already and Miss Paisley came home from our hike this morning completely tuckered out. I spent the day shuttling her up and down the stairs as I cleaned and milled around thinking about projects. She likes to go where I go—I like that sort of dedication in my furry sweet friend.  Lots to do these days now that my exercise schedule is pretty much going again, spring cleaning is in full effect, kiddos are being chauffered here and there, Mr. Manly still is hopeful for dinner, and … well you know the drill. But I’m glad to say that for the first time in a while, I feel like my projects are moving in the right direction.
Cottage Fix blog - silvery gray walls, white wicker, and a farm table deskThanks for checking out my new gray color with me today!

xoxo Sally

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16 thoughts on “the perfect shade of gray

      1. Aunt June

        Everybody at the reunion loved your blog. You’ve motivated us. We’re going to buy 13 shades of gray tomorrow. Your mother helped us find your website.
        Best wishes always.
        Aunt June

  1. Victoria

    That is a very pretty gray. How gorgeous is that room? I love all the windows and how peaceful it is. I feel the opposite during the summer with projects. They are pretty much non existence for me. Lots of gardening…by that just weeding and all the summer activities.

  2. kelly

    It’s a lovely shade! I can see why you like it. I love grey. I have it everywhere in my home and have still not tired of it. Tell your mom she picked a good one! It’s always good to learn about new shades of grey that I haven’t yet discovered.

  3. Carol Cook

    I would never have thought to paint any of my rooms gray, but I love gray shingled houses so I guess I would like gray rooms.

    Your choice of gray is gorgeous.

    1. sally Post author

      Yes, I know what gray shingled houses you’re talking about. There’s one around the corner from us with gray shingles, white shutters, and boxwood and ivy in the garden. It’s beautiful, love those too!

  4. Lisa

    It looks beautiful, Sally! I like how the grey complements your wicker furniture and natural rugs…


    1. sally Post author

      Thanks!! I know what you mean, I kinda want to paint another room this same color.Hmm…

  5. Julie

    Very pretty, Sally. You are blessed with beautiful windows and bountiful white trim, which makes almost all colors look their best, in my opinion. I am so jealous!

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