fresh market flowers

Salutations! It’s not everyday that I have an excuse to splurge on a bouquet like this, but last weekend this beautiful assortment of fresh market flowers fell into my shopping cart and followed me home! What could I do but take a few photos? Umm…there’s a slight chance I even went a little picture taking crazy!

Cottage Fix - fresh market flowers on the patio

Pink roses on the patio.

Cottage Fix - roses on the patio

Tiny daisies in the guest room.

Cottage Fix - guest room with puppy and flowers

To display flowers in a straw bag just add a small jar of water inside.

Cottage Fix - tiny daisies in a straw bag

Light pink alstroemeria in the living room.

Cottage Fix - pink flowers in the living room

xoxo Sally

Cottage Fix - fresh market bouquet

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6 thoughts on “fresh market flowers

  1. Kathy

    Oh no, don’t you just hate that when beautiful bouquets of flowers jump in to your shopping cart! Chocolate does that also. It is such a shame because then I must buy them. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture!

  2. JoAnne

    I wish some beautiful flowers would follow me home! Your photos are wonderful. I love your chippy table in your guest room too. Thanks so much for visiting me, Sally!

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