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So here we are again fine ladies of blogland and friends that have found your way to my little corner of the world wide web, another year has passed by in a blink. The cottage is looking quite bare as I’ve been packing away baubles and glitz and dreaming of what the New Year might have in store.

Cottage Fix - sun porch with whites and twinkly star lightsI have to say I’ve always found the New Year to be a little bittersweet, sort of like saying farewell to the beach after an awesome vacation. It’s exciting and sad all at once.

Cottage Fix - cupboard with white cake plates and lampI’ve just been poking around this little cottage with the shabby furniture and creaky old floors stowing away Christmas sparkle and thinking about what I’d like to bring back in and what I’d like to edit. I always find myself in this same spot this time of year, getting rid of things and contemplating what to keep. And of course the things that have been bugging me—that I’ve been wanting to change—seem to bug me a wee bit more right about now.

Cottage Fix - sun porch with star light reflection in the mirrorWhat should be bugging me is the upstairs bathroom we gutted. But I’ve sorta forgotten about it. It’s kinda weird, every now and then I say to myself “oh yeah, our bathroom is gutted!” We closed the door before Christmas and haven’t opened it since; I think it’s about time though.

Cottage Fix - star lightsAs far as the cottage and its decor for the upcoming year, I’m thinking fresh, simple, pure, and light like a bar of Ivory soap. Yes that’s it, I’d like this shabby little cottage to be squeaky clean and fresh like a bar of Ivory. However, sometimes it’s hard to keep things looking fresh when I’m naturally drawn to old, weathered vintage pieces, so it’s a happy medium for me I suppose.

Cottage Fix - tea alight candle in a mason jarI’ve also been trying to get some of the basics over the past few months like area rugs, lighting, and window treatments. I’ll be blogging about some of the cottage basics that I’ve recently purchased and have been totally diggin’. They’ve made themselves right at home here mixed in with the vintage goodies and everyone’s getting along fine.

Cottage Fix - boots and a benchThe twinkly star lights are leftover from Christmas. I left a few things up: the tiny potted tree, all of the outdoor lights, the candles in the windows, and these star lights. I’ve moved them around a few times over the past week and everywhere I place them I love them. They just might be a permanent feature in my winter cottage.

Cottage Fix - sun porch - Happy New Year!

xoxo Sally

And Happy New Year!

Cottage Fix - Peace



9 thoughts on “happy 2015

  1. Julie

    Seeing photos of your cottage always gives me that warm, cozy feeling, Sally 🙂 I really love the touches you have left up after Christmas. They keep that special spark of celebration and happiness alive in the cold months of winter. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Mary Alice Patterson

    Your cottage always looks charming to me, no matter if it’s “bare” after the holidays or if it’s filled with your wonderful vintage finds.
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year!
    Mary Alice

  3. Jeanne

    I often stop by your blog and thought today I wold take a moment to say “Hi!” I enjoy your style and pictures. Yes, clean and pure like a bar of Ivory. In between projects I find myself battling the clutter and laundry of six people in a home – finding a place for everything, enjoying vintage, but not over doing it – and the bane of my domestic existence: finding a good way to organize and deal with recycling.

    1. sally Post author

      Hi Jeanne, thanks for the sweet comment! I can’t remember the last time our basement was free from dirty laundry and clutter. I always seem to be working on it though! Xo Sally

  4. kelly

    I don’t blame you for wanting to hang those cute star lights in your home a little bit longer. They are so cute! I love how you coined the phrase as clean as a bar of ivory soap. i’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned for 2015!

  5. Robin

    The two of us could be two pea’s in a pod. I too love/dread this time of year and wish my house to be bright and fresh feeling. Your way ahead of me in putting away decorations though. I have been sick and not a single holiday item has packed away yet. However all my “sofa time” has oddles of idea’s swimming in my head about what to do with my house. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with for your home. I’m sure it’s all going to fabulous.

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