the magic of Christmas

Ok you guys. It’s here – the hustle and bustle, the energy of the holiday season. What it is exactly, it’s hard to say. You can feel it in the air and see it in the sparkle of the night. It tickles your nose in the chilly air and kisses your toes by the roaring fire. It’s the magic of Christmas and it sneaks up on you when your not looking.

Cottage Fix - the Christmas tree lit up at dusk

For me, it has always been the tree. I try to deny it some years because of the amount of work that goes into it, but it’s the ticky tacky Christmas tree that feels like magic to me for sure. What is it about the combination of the green branches, twinkly lights, and little bits and baubles that warm up a room? It must be magic. I can remember as a kid, we always went to my grandparents house to help them decorate their tiny little artificial table top tree. It was always my favorite tree! I would sit by the glow of that little tree for hours, mesmerized by its sparkle dreaming of the magic of Christmas.

Cottage Fix - Christmas tree glowing in the mirror

The first thing that came to me when we finished this tree was that it reminded me so much of my grandmas little table top cutie.

Cottage Fix - vintage bauble

Ours didn’t get decorated with the big production that I had planned in my head this year with the cocoa and red pajamas. Sometimes you just have to roll with it I guess. My daughter helped me with it Friday after school while my son started a fire, popping in and out as he pleased. It was fun! And we did have Christmas music playing and a roaring fire like I was hoping for—not so shabby. My honey came home just as I was snapping some photos for the blog and he couldn’t be more pleased with himself, showing up as we were just finishing up.

Cottage Fix - the Christmas tree on the sun porch

xoxo Sally


6 thoughts on “the magic of Christmas

  1. JoAnne

    Your tree looks so pretty, love the lacy tree skirt. I think Christmas trees do possess some kind of special magic – you can just feel it when they’re all lit up, right? Maybe it’s the memories that make it come alive!

  2. kelly

    Your tree turned out beautiful! I love the beaded garland you used and the pretty pops of color in the ornaments. I agree that the Christmas tree is the prettiest part of Christmas.

  3. Vanessa Bower

    Sally, your tree is very pretty and magical in the pictures.
    But, I have to say, your photographing skills are superb !!! It’s so difficult to take photos of a Christmas tree with the lights on, let alone capture the beauty and warmth of it. Your talent has succeeded in accomplishing that.
    Great Job,

  4. Lisa

    What a beautiful Christmas tree! The pretty lights bring such warmth to the room. I really like the photo of it reflected in the mirror…


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