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3 ways to decorate for fall with natural elements

With cooler weather just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my easy yet stylish fall decorating ideas. It’s true, I’m already dreaming about crackly, crunchy leaves and cozy knit sweaters. I usually incorporate natural elements and candlelight into my fall decor to keep things simple and elegant. I choose just a couple of places to adorn inside, as well as our front stoop outside. I don’t ever spend a lot on any of my decorating ideas, […]


daffodils blooming…classic spring cottage

Salutations cottage fix friends. I’m just taking things easy the last few days. Oh yes, lots of rest and relaxation along with the regular daily chores of one domestic goddess. We’re not starting any new projects or makeovers until our bathroom remodel is 100% complete. And since at the moment we’re on hiadis from all that, lots of long walks with Paisley, watching my daughters games with the sunshine on my face, sinking into the sofa in the evenings, and […]


boho garland

Hola! Check out what I made!  An easy craft to spruce things up in here for Spring, as well as a couple of birthdays that are headed our way. I’m a crafty kind of girl, but I usually steer clear of anything involving fabrics. Fabrics scare me. Although they work quite well when trying to create little cuties for dressing up the old cottage and blog. Gotta love those seamstresses! Anyways, this one I could pull off. Yay! I wanted […]