purple irises and open windows

Hola fine friends! Happy Friday! I’m blogging in today under blue skies here on the east coast with the cool breezes blowing in. The air is fresh and the cottage windows are all popped open. And I’m thinkin’ it’s a good day to pick a bunch of purple irises from the back garden to liven things up in here. The stems around the edges of the irises tend to fall over as they bloom, so what’s a girl to do? Pick, pluck, and pick some more.Cottage Fix blog - lacey curtains, green striped pillow, and a purple irisI’m into home decorating more than ever these days, and cottage style and pretty much all things cottage. But lately there are two other very different styles rolling around in this noggin of mine. I can’t stop thinking about a fresh, clean look with lots of crisp white. A home free from clutter and not overly adorned. The other at the top of my list is a romantic, colorful look with floral pillows and stuff, lots of stuff. Who am I kidding, there are more than just two styles I’m totally smitten with. I also love that crisp super cool modern look with sleek furnishings and sparse styling; there always seems to be a slick worklight somewhere in the room. But I’m pretty sure I’m not anywhere near hip enough to get away with that look. And of course Frenchie designs still make me weak in the knees and I can’t get enough of that playful boho style. And what can I say about Shabby Chic…I guess I’m a wee bit obsessed with interior design—of all types. But one thing’s for sure, I always come back to my number one love, cottage style.
Cottage Fix blog - whites, grays, and lace curtains in the breeze I added purple irises in a couple of places, and in the office an ironstone pitcher on the windowsill filled with more irises. They are a deep, rich purple.

Cottage Fix blog - white slip sofa, denim floor pillows, and a straw tote full of flowersI kept the blue denim in here from earlier this spring and added some stripey green pillows. The new gray wall color I recently painted in our home office is still making me very happy. I would like to bring in more of that lovely gray color.

Cottage Fix blog - straw tote with pink roses and purple irisesI’m planning a few projects for the coming months, slip covered chairs and maybe more paint. I can slap paint on just about anything with no problem, but I’ll need help with the sewing for the slip covers. We are planning some fun things for the long weekend too. Honey and I are both natural worker bees—yard work, painting, projects… this weekend I’m declaring a few fun days of hiking, beach bumming, and shopping. I might let us get away with one day of yard work. But only if Honey behaves! Grin.
Cottage Fix blog - white pitcher and purple iris bloomHave a Happy Weekend!

Cottage Fix blog - whites and grays

xoxo SallyCottage Fix blog - pitcher of purple irises on the windowsillSharing with WOW


8 thoughts on “purple irises and open windows

  1. Kelly

    I love cottage style too. It’s so livable. Love your purple iris flowers brought inside. Do you live near the beach? That sounds fun to be able to go their on a whim. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend.

    1. sally Post author

      We live near several smaller beaches and about 45 minutes from the ocean. My daughter has already been a few times this spring and the jelly fish were already out. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
      xo Sally

  2. Carol Cook

    I love your house and style!

    My husband and I say that if we won the lottery we would buy a small house in all of our favorite spots so we could visit. The bonus would be that I could decorate each one in all the different looks I like.

    1. sally Post author

      Thanks so much Carol! Wouldn’t that be fun – a beach house, modern city apartment, rustic cabin….

  3. Julie

    I am like you, Sally…I just love so many decorating styles that it’s hard to commit to just one. My home is somewhat eclectic but ever-evolving. As for those irises, they are my very favorite flowers. Your dark purple ones are gorgeous. Have a relaxing long weekend!

  4. Mary Alice Patterson

    I can’t get enough of your darling cottage!!! Loving your photos that encompass your wonderful style with your paned doors and shuttered windows…oh, and that basket with flowers hanging on a knob…love, love, love!!
    Have a great holiday!
    Mary Alice

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