my poor little frozen cottage

Happy Saturday! Is it cold where you are? They’re saying we’re getting ready to thaw out here and I so can’t wait. We awoke yesterday to frigid temps, ice and snow remaining on the neighborhood roadways, and frozen pipes. When the wind blows, the outdoors sorta creaks and crackles. My poor little frozen cottage. Where are you Spring? The kiddos have been off from school all week, that’s one long snow day. There’s been lots of fun sledding and hot chocolate, but I think we’re all ready to walk out the front door without hearing the snow crunch underfoot. And if I eat one more meal piled high with comfort foods, I’m afraid my “one size up” jeans won’t be zippin’. Who knew that a week of ice and snow came with a muffin top?Cottage Fix - vintage sewing machine side table, white sofa, and carnationsI’ve been cooped up and that always gets me going, thinking about what I should paint or how to rearrange. I’ve been considering painting a couple of furniture pieces including the base of this vintage sewing machine, maybe lighter.  And as you know I love to rearrange, it’s so noncommittal and an easy way to get a fresh look. I always have to think a bit before I come at a piece of furniture with my paint brush though.

Cottage Fix - vintage sewing machine baseI’m totally into this Country Living Decorating With White book I received as a gift. It talks about using texture and contrast and there’s a section highlighting black and white rooms and another on whites mixed with woods. It has loads of white cottage inspiration.

Cottage Fix - stack of decorating booksAhh, white and pink carnations from my honey for Valentine’s Day. It has taken them all week to open up, love it! Snow doesn’t do much for me, but flowers on the other hand…

Cottage Fix - pink and white carnationsThey look like sweet little ruffles and they’re exactly what this frozen cottage needed. Looking at them, you’d never even know it was like the arctic outside. Stay warm.

Cottage Fix - vintage sewing machine side table, stack of books, and carnationsxoxo Sally

Cottage Fix - pink and white carnations


4 thoughts on “my poor little frozen cottage

  1. Nancy

    Sally, what a great blog! Love the pics too! Sorry you have been snowbound…what an awful winter….we have had almost no winter…and we need rain badly…..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog…….I appreciate visitors!
    My son-in-law wants to make drinking glasses….I am afraid that would be a feat to get them to that state…mine cut bottle candles are safe…but not to drink from and it took a lot of sanding to get them somewhat safe….
    Be warm…

  2. Vickie

    Oh, I’d love to curl up in front of the fireplace with that book! I feel your pain. I haven’t been eating more, but my jeans sure feel like it from lack of activity! I foresee lots of power walking for me when and if it ever warms up!

  3. Carol Cook

    love the sewing machine base as and end table . . . love the stack of books – I have 3 of them and need to find that book, A Place For Everything . . . I won’t tell you that our weather has been like summer for the last 22 months because that might depress you!

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