the JAXX beanbag for serious lounging

Salutations Cottage Fix friends! I’m slowly claiming back the cottage inch by inch and room by room. And with each space I get cleared out, I feel just a bit lighter. The bathroom remodel has been put on hold for a spell due to the longest, coldest winter ever, and I’ve been cleaning out the spaces where we were storing our tools and supplies. We seem to have accumulated several small to largish piles in way too many rooms and they’ve been hanging around so long now… I almost let myself get used to them—almost.

Cottage Fix -  JAXX denim beanbagI thought I’d make my son happy and start in the guest room, which is mostly a game room used for endless hours of teenage gaming fun. I may not be voted mom of the year , but I think there are definitely worse things than endless hours of teenage gaming happiness. And did I mention we’re in the midst a relentless winter? Let the gaming commence!

Cottage Fix - JAXX denim beanbag, wicker daybed, and ruffled toteWhat the game room was lacking was a super comfy seat that could hold up to hours of teanie bopper game time and movie watching. There’s something about a beanbag, don’t ya think? It’s like a big squishy ball of fun, they make me smile. This JAXX beanbag was given to my son from his Big Mama (my mom), and it exceeds expectations for super loungey beanbag comfort.

Cottage Fix - denim beanbag and weathered wood side tableIt’s charcoal/dark blueish denim with a removable washable cover and it fits right in with what’s happening in the rest of the space; yellows, blues, and creams. The insides remind me of memory foam and are soft and squishy.

Cottage Fix - JAXX beanbagI took these photos at the end of the week when the kiddos had off from school. As you can see from the dent there was some serious game time happening. My poor guy received four new games at Christmastime and then his parents set up shop in his  gaming space straight away to start a silly bathroom remodel. He had alot of making up to do. Not to fret, this beanbag bounces right back to life if you jostle it around some.

Cottage Fix - denim beanbag, wicker daybed, and ruffled toteSo he’s been at it playing games (and the piano some), my daughter has been sledding and spending time with friends, and I’ve been cooking, cleaning, and dreaming of fair weather projects. I also had to suck it up and start taking Paisley for walks out in the icey weather. If I wait for the warm to arrive, I’ll be waiting a long while. What have you been doing to ward off cabin fever?

Cottage Fix - JAXX beanbagxoxo Sally

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4 thoughts on “the JAXX beanbag for serious lounging

  1. JoAnne

    Your house sounds like mine, Sally. My son playing his video games and my daughter hanging out with friends. That bean bag does look very comfy – we may have to look into getting one of those!

  2. Victoria

    I would love to get a big comfy bean bag but I feel like my dogs will claim it right away and it will just become a dog bed. We are also battling the worst winter here. I am dreaming of breezy spring time.

  3. Margie

    It sure has been one rough winter! I don’t usually complain…but I am currently looking up all-inclusive resorts – not that I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon 🙁

    Oh, and I just put back all of our bathroom toiletries that have been in a laundry basket at the bottom of my bed for weeks now. Ahhhh that felt good! And just think, we’ll have fresh new (mine somewhat new) bathrooms just in time for nice weather 🙂

  4. Kathy

    Wonderful beanbag! I have just been blogging to shake the winter blues and keeping busy!
    Thank you for sharing. It will warm up soon enough! Lol

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